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3 Points Many Bloggers Don’t Know About Affiliate Marketing

Written by: Kate Almog Promotion Tips

1-2-500-500Most individuals create blogs about topics they are passionate about, stories that interest them, or use the blog as a platform to share their mind. Now, many of these blogs are quite successful due to their rich content and range of topics covered. The only thing missing is monetization. Many bloggers just don’t make money from their sites. Of course there are those who do not want to profit from their blogs, but there are many whose ultimate goal is to make money from their traffic, possibly even on a full time basis!

There is a wide range of ways to monetize one’s blog, but one way which can benefit your readers as well as your pockets is through affiliate marketing. For those new to the idea of affiliate marketing, affiliate marketing is the process of promoting other people’s products through a variety of methods and in return, you make commissions. Many affiliate programs will pay you commissions for each approved sale that comes from your marketing efforts in a CPA (cost per action) payment plan. Others may go by a CPC or CPL plan, but it truly depends on the nature of the program and what they want affiliates to promote.


If you have a strong blog going and want to start making money through affiliate marketing, here are 3 crucial points you must know to make more money from your blog.

1. Don’t overdo the ads or links
You must maintain a balance between monetization and the user experience. Too many ads or links related or unrelated can be detrimental to your overall financial success. When a consumer visits your blog 
3-3and sees it’s littered with ads and links, they will not find you as trustworthy will be less interested in  what you are actually promoting.  It will appear more as if you are just trying to make a buck; not that you care about your audience and what may interest them.


2. Promote relevant products that tie in with your content
You should choose products to promote that truly may interest your readers. What do you write about? Try to find affiliate offers that best match your line of writing. If you are looking to break into a new niche, make sure you do so with your writing first! You should have a strong following of readers to make your promotional efforts worthwhile.

4-2Let’s say you have a blog dedicated to weight loss and healthy living. Maybe part of your appeal is that you give readers ideas on how they can become healthier and lose a few pounds. It would make great sense that you would join a health and beauty affiliate program to have access to offers that are related to your niche. If the products you recommend organically tie in with what your readers like to see, it is very likely you will see better results.

3. Share in-depth products reviews and ideally your own experience
There’s one thing to just place a product banner on your blog and there’s another when you build articles around the product or incorporate it into your writing. If you were reading one of your favorite blogs and the writer discusses in depth about a product and how it could benefit you, you would more likely check out the product than if the writer just placed an ad on the side with no explanation. If it is worth writing about, it is more convincing to a reader to check out the product.

5-3To make the sales pitch even stronger, you can share your own first-hand, positive experience with a product. This induces a level of comfort and trust that would not be there otherwise. Before buying something, individuals always prefer to hear what others have to say about it, especially if you have tried it yourself and speak highly of your experience. This is a sure way to grow the amount of approved sales you are referring.

By following these points, you will have a stronger platform to build a successful affiliate marketing business. All you need is a bit of patience and of course, high quality content. If you run a blog concerning topics in the health and beauty niche, check out BizProfits’ top CPA offers by clicking here.


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