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4 Actionable Methods to Get Quality Links Using Your Content Strategy

Written by: Kate Almog Promotion Tips


There is no doubt that content marketing is one of the astutest ways to get juicy links, as well as give your customers information they require. It is also priceless for digital marketers as it can deliver much value in multiple areas, including organic search. And despite the fact that link building is quite a controversial subject, it will work just right for you if you care to acquire links from trustworthy niche-related websites.

Today, according to 2016 B2B Content Marketing Report, 88% of B2B marketers use content marketing as a part of their strategies, which means that ebooks, infographics, guides, case studies, and many more other types of resources could serve the purpose in your niche. Unique and captivating content always increases chances of obtaining quality links. Here are 10 offbeat ways to get quality links using content marketing.

Ask an Influencer

You probably know who influencers are and how much weight their opinion carries on the market. Before publishing your new masterpiece, reach out to an influencer in your niche. Tell them what are you writing about and ask if they would be so kind to provide a feedback. If they share your piece of writing, you will not only gain exposure to lots of new and – hopefully – pleased readers but also boost your own authority and become more reputable because you’re establishing contact with an influencer in your industry. To give it a shot, you need to prepare a list of such influencers in your industry, or you can simply type your best keywords in Google search to get a list of influencers.

There are numerous tools to help you reach out to influencers, such as BuzzStream or BuzzSumo, just to name a few. Fill out the keywords of a particular niche, and you’ll get lots of contacts for top people in those niches. You may reach them through email and social media, which would allow you to send a direct message or just comment some of their updates. As soon as you build relationship with an influencer, you can also ask them for help or offer some sort of barter. Obviously, it won’t guarantee you a 100% result to make your writing viral, but even a crumb of such mentions will be highly rewarding.

Here is an example of a short email template that proved itself (surprisingly) useful when reaching out to an influencer:

Letter 1

Ace & share your content

Generating content is one thing, but creating a superior piece of writing is another. If you want your content to be spread out everywhere, you will certainly want it to be as much fine-tuned as possible. Prior to creating any piece of content, you should have a lot on the ball to give your visitors exactly what they are looking for. This could be done by using a simple keyword research to come up with amazing content ideas as well as find out popular searches in your niche. Remember that search results range depending on your location and search history.

You could also try using SE Ranking to conduct a keyword research while dealing with your content marketing strategy. It turns out to be especially good when searching for long-tail keywords. What’s more, you can also monitor shifts in rankings and keep an eye on your backlink profile.

Once your content is live on site, it’s time to share it on social media and mention the people you’ve referenced. These can be part of the snippets you use from the previous section. The people you mention will see that you’ve mentioned them and some will re-share.

Make use of broken links on Wikipedia

This one is our favorite: a white hat, scalable and powerful way to obtain top-notch links from the world’s most popular website. Manually checking for dead links could be a nightmare, unless you’re aware of a quirky yet little-known tip about Wikipedia’s editing algorithm.

When an editor stumbles upon a dead link, they don’t delete it immediately – they add a note next to the link stating ‘dead link’. This mention gives other editors a chance to confirm that the link is actually broken before deleting it, and this simple note makes finding dead links really simple.

Here’s the search string for quickly finding such links: [keyword] + “dead link”. Now, after you’ve done that, go to a page in the search results that’s relevant to your website, hit CTRL + F to search for “dead link” on page – your browser will jump to any dead links found. To make it even easier, there’s actually a list with all articles with dead external links on Wikipedia, which can be used if you prefer not to search for all this stuff manually.

Once you found a dead link, it’s time to re-create that dead piece of content on your site replacing the dead link in Wikipedia with yours and you’re done. If you want a bunch of links at a time without any content writing, try tapping into The Moving Man Method instead.


Add a ‘magic’ trigger to your emails to increase response rate

None of us have time to go through big messages let alone big emails and our inbox is already full. Usually when someone sees an email pop into their inbox, they want to quickly answer two questions, “Who is this person?” and “What do they want?”. The faster you answer these questions, the better. How do you do that? Simply add because early to your email message body.

Why is it so powerful?

Because it is proved to be one of the few ‘hypnotic’ words, according to Robert Cialdini’s Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, where he mentions a study performed by Ellen Langer at Harvard. Langer asked to push in line at the library to photocopy some papers with the following phrases:

  1. “Excuse me, I have five pages. May I use the Xerox machine?” The number of people who agreed was 60%.

Then she asked again explaining the reason:

  1. “Excuse me, I have five pages. May I use the Xerox machine because I’m in a rush?” The number of people who agreed was 94%.


Obviously, activating involuntary hypnotic “reflexes” in your users’ brains won’t help you if your email writing technique is a joke, so it is always a good practice to be brief and specific with your emails. Plus, when customers are scanning through your email quickly, they’re more likely to get the overall message before taking any action.

To keep your emails clear and compelling, imagine you’re talking to someone in real life. This’ll add some warmth to your message and make skimming it easier for your reader.

As you can see, there are only few techniques for getting juicy links mentioned here (with lots more to discover!) We’ve entered a new era in link building, and although earning links could be a pain in the neck, it is still crucial if you want to have a top-ranking site. If you follow these five smart link-building methods, you’ll be able to boost your site rankings without any black-hat techniques.

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