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5 Things To Consider When Choosing A Site Niche

Written by: Kate Almog Promotion Tips

So you’re considering the idea of getting into affiliate or CPA marketing. Finding a great niche and creating a content-rich blog or site about it is a great way to make some extra money or even launch your own self-employed career. One of the first questions you will find yourself asking is, how do I find a blog topic that will help you to reach your desired goal of generating a sustainable income?

In affiliate marketing, this is often referred to as a niche. Niches are important because they will help to drive your content strategy and allow you to connect with a specific demographic and target audience that share an interest in whatever your niche is. Even more importantly, it will allow you to contextualize what offers you choose to promote on your page. After experiencing and helping countless new and experienced affiliate marketers to get their desired ROI and to break into the CPA world, here are 5 tips that will help you identify a niche topic that is both profitable and enjoyable for you and your online community.

1. Choose A Topic You Care About

A lot of affiliate marketers want to find the niches that are most profitable. But, most profitable also means far more competitive. If you are not an expert in that specific field, it will only be a constant hardship in trying to compete with more knowledgeable and experienced blogs. It is important that your community views you as an authority on your topic. Not to mention that writing about something that you understand and are passionate about will result in a higher quality of content and a more responsive community. You also have less chance of boring yourself with content that means nothing to you. A bored blogger makes for a boring blog.

A few days ago I came across a blogger setting up a niche around camel milk products. I know what you are thinking, but this trending topic makes for a fantastic niche with very low competition and a dedicated online community.

2. Research The Economic Viability Of Your Niche Market

While it is important to work on a topic close to your own heart, it is important to ensure that there is, in fact, a large enough community to ensure long-term growth and a viable ROI. It’s all about finding that fine line where the amount of time you put into your niche blog is worth the payout. While it isn’t all about the money, or at least it shouldn’t be, there is your fundamental bottom line and if your niche can’t produce a reasonable ROI, you are probably better off trying a different one.

It is also important to research your niche community so you can identify popular competitor blogs. This research will help you to spot those opportunities do a zig when your competitors have been zagging. This will assist you in creating a unique selling point and get a foot into the niche topic.

3. Understand Your Niche Audience

It is critical that you have a firm understanding of the way that your community behaves online. It is important to recognize if this community typically spends money online, what tier country they fall into, demographics, how they access the internet. Higher tier countries are typically the big goal, but they also tend to be more internet savvy and are hyper-exposed to ads and content all day. They are essentially the bulletproof audience of the internet, but if you can crack them, you can make a very handsome ROI.

A lot of tier 2 and 3 countries can be overlooked sometimes. Developing countries are making a huge amount of headway in internet connectivity and are becoming more net savvy. With CPA offers such as cash on delivery, there is a growing opportunity to penetrate some of these emerging markets and produce a very impressive ROI.

4. Identify Relevant And Attractive affiliate/CPA Offers

If you are planning to try and make some real money off your niche blog and hard work, it is important that the offers you choose to display and advertise on your blog connect with your audience. Trying to sell a product for cleaning cat hair off of furniture is not going to sell well on a niche site about vintage motorbikes. Find offers that provide some kind of relevant and attractive benefit to your community. It will also help to implement a more native feel to your ads, rather than causing confusion among your readers by offering them something that can sometimes even conflict with the message you are putting across. This part isn’t exactly rocket science, but honestly, how many times have you experienced ads on a site that you felt were beyond random?

Imagine you are one of your readers and map their journey through your site from finding you, all the way to clicking through on one of your offers. It will help you to understand your audience better and offer them a more enjoyable and value-filled experience for their time.

5. Niche Lifespan

Building an audience, honing in on your perfect targeting and communicating in a way that consistently draws in new and repeating traffic takes a lot of time, testing, and tribulation. It is crucial that your niche has a long enough lifespan that you can build a long-term sustainable network.

Don’t get me wrong, there is a great profit to be made in high trend fast moving niches and fads, but these require a very high level of skill and funding to hit enough people fast enough to make a real impact and ROI. Think of it has a high risk, high reward system.

The niche you choose is crucial in either making or breaking the long-term profitability of your site. Find a balance in exciting and sustainable. This will give you the room you need to experiment with finding your ideal audience and approach to interacting with them.

Are you using an exciting or hyper-targeted niche? If so, how do you go about finding yours?

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