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5 Tips to Create High-Scoring Native Ads

Written by: Kate Almog Promotion Tips

Native advertising is commonly used by big brands, but on the other hand, it’s a to a valuable method for the affiliate marketers. Some affiliates may already use this sort of a promoting campaign, but not fully understand it. Here are 5 clue tips that will help you improve your Native Advertising campaigns for a great affiliate marketing performance.

Ready to go Native?

  1. Visual content

75% of attention is attracted via visual media! Therefore, you need to think this specific element of your ads through. People aren’t interested in dull abstractions and staged photos. Make them laugh, make them fall in love with what they see. Moreover, our brain is programmed to recognize faces of other humans and animals to detect life-threatening perils. That’s why the ads featuring direct eye contact are always eye-catching.

  1. Using digits

Numbers appeal to our rational thinking. Whenever you use numbers in your headlines, the users instantly understands that the information is structured and separated to several blocks. They give an overall understanding of what to expect when clicking through. Use numbers in your headlines wherever possible, they are a time-proven trigger to maky people pay attention. Make sure you use digits (i.e. “8”), not words (i.e. “eight”).

  1. Right wording

Remember the main rule – the headlines should be as short as possible! You can eliminate the adjectives, because long phrases are thought to be not catchy enough. Make people interested to learn more – use vital words in the headlines, like “hilarious”, “awkward”, or “jaw-dropping” to invoke emotions. Curiosity words such as “unveil”, “mystery”, “confession” work great for wakening the interest of anyone. Headlines that directly refer to the reader by using words like “you” or “your” usually perform better because everyone likes a personal approach.

  1. Negatives to positives

Positive superlatives are overrated. More often negative superlatives, for example, “the most awful” get a bigger number of clicks than positive ones like “the best.” On the other hand, negative statements have dependably been charming – everybody wants to get to know whether there’s something they’re doing that they shouldn’t. The reason behind implementing some words, like, “failure”, “mistakes”, “faults” into your ads is an awesome strategy to get people clicking.

  1. “How to” tactic

The “How to” strategy likewise contributes to the widget’s success. It meets our need of a practical advice to improve something, make a life change, learn from someone’s experience. You can substitute the “how to” recipe with the attention-catching words with the rationality concept, for example, “methods”, “strategies”, “procedures”, “standards”, “reasons”, and other enticing indications of other individuals’ expertise that will make you more intelligent. Always remember that you can play the “How not to” card.

Explore different ways, experiment and create the mixed approach featuring power words, digits, narrating, superlatives, how to-and you-techniques and the most eye-catching images in your native advertising campaigns. Trying and blending these time-tested strategies and inventing your own tricks will give you a lot of choices how to maximize your profit via this type of promotion!

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