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A Guide To Powerful Emailing Marketing: Make Customers Crave The Product You Are Offering

Written by: Kate Almog Promotion Tips


Every affiliate participating in our CPA programs has used email marketing at least once, and most prefer to do it on a regular basis. This powerful and cost-efficient marketing tool can help you build credibility and boost sales. However, as any other marketing technique, it has its rules of the game. Here, we’d like to share our expertise on how to create emails that will get opened and read.  Feel free to use them whenever you want to reach your customers directly.

Use a clear and enticing subject line
The subject line is what gets your email opened, that’s why you need it to be enticing and informative. Although there are plenty of recommendations to stick to a certain character limit, the general rule you should follow is being clear and concise. What is your email about? Describe its contents in a few words without giving out the entire information.
campaign1A strong copywriting technique is using so-called power words in your subject lines, i.e. the words that trigger emotions. ‘Avoid these grievous mistakes in a gym’ sounds stronger than ‘The rules of proper exercising’ because of the power word ‘grievous’ included in it.

Asking questions in subject lines also works to attract recipients’ attention and make them open the email. Be careful with words that trigger spam and thus will send your email straight to the junk mail folder. Avoid using ‘free’, ‘order now’, ‘fat blasting’, ‘weight loss’ and other over-used phrases that would signify the marketing nature of the email.

Write in a friendly and conversational tone and try to sound personal

campaign3Formal impersonal writing doesn’t look good and doesn’t read well, unless it is a legal document. You were lucky to sell a customer on opening your email, now you have to make it worth their while. The rules of marketing writing differ from what you learned in school.

Short, crisp sentences and split infinitives work here like a marvel. Whatever it takes to sound as if you are having a friendly conversation with your reader.

Use ‘you’ and ‘your’ a lot. It will emphasize that you are writing directly to the customer and that you have their needs in mind. Sell them the fact that they can be satisfied with the product offered in a personal way.  To make it even more personal, it is smart to use names and personalized greetings in your email campaigns.

Keep it short, clear and emotional
You have only a few seconds before you lose the reader’s attention. In this short period, you have to hook their attention and tell what kind of solution you offer to satisfy their needs.

Experienced copywriters have their own tricks and techniques, but they agree on one powerful rule of writing copy that holds readers’ attention to the end. You have to take them on an emotional rollercoaster. Find their weak spot and offer a solution to the problem, leading from pain through risk and up to satisfaction. This is a very simplified scheme of any marketing copy and it works in emails just as well, albeit here it must fit in just a few sentences. The strongest emotions to appeal to include fear, lust and greed – make sure you use the right power words to trigger them in your writing.

Always be clear as to what you want your customer to do after reading. Ask for more information? Answer your email? Order a product? For this reason, include a clear call to action and specify the link you want your customers to follow at least twice in the body of your email.

Use flattery and make them feel special
No one wants to feel flawed, so be careful when you are offering solutions to problems. Emphasize that your customers are fine as it is (slim, hot, intelligent, financially successful etc.), but your product can help them to open new horizons of their awesomeness. Finally, do not be afraid to experiment and change your approach. If some of your emails worked well, it’s hardly a reason to stick to them forever – others might work even better.

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