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A New Garcinia Website For German-Speaking Audiences - Check it!

Written by: Kate Almog New CPA Offers & Verticals


More great news for our affiliates! Just as we promised, a new Garcinia Cambogia website geared for German-speaking customers is up and running. Now you can extend your business geography to Germany, Luxembourg, Austria and Switzerland!

Explore the new site now – it is already attracting customers!

We believe that localization is very important, as it will help our affiliates increase their profits by order of magnitude. Here are the benefits it provides:

Increased Target Audience
Not all of your existing and potential customers speak English, and even those who do would prefer to purchase from a company providing information in their native language. It is simply a matter of trust: the more people understand about a product, the more likely they are to buy it.

A Boost in Sales
As the clientele grows, so do sales. Our top affiliate programs go worldwide, and localizing product websites serves as an additional sales booster. We all know that more sales equates to more profits.

Higher Level of Trust
Even though there are countries that speak English, too (e.g. UK), their customers will still appreciate having a specialized resource. It will prove that the supplier took the time to target their segment. In practice, this means improved credibility and higher conversion rates.


More Convenience
Localization is not only about translation; it’s also about adapting the content, design, shipping methods, currencies, and generally making a website more adjusted for a certain target audience. If done properly, localization will lead to a much better user experience. Therefore, more customers will feel like buying a product and fewer problems will occur on the way.

We will keep working on localized websites for our products and adding them to the International Offers category. Please do not hesitate to contact us if any localization-related or unrelated issues occur.

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Kate Almog

Affiliate Manager


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