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Ace It With The New Exclusive Men’s Health Line

Written by: Kate Almog New CPA Offers & Verticals

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One of the things we do quite regularly here at BizProfits is analyzing the market for our in-house products.  It is essential to understand what customers want and how the demand changes with time. In the course of this activity we’ve noticed that there was growing demand for a certain type of product that we didn’t have in our range (yet). We are talking, of course, about testosterone boosters. In fact, here is what you get if you look up this search query on Google trends:


Impressive and definitely promising. It also showed that the biggest demand was registered in the United States:


Of course, we couldn’t let go of such an opportunity and simply had to offer a testosterone boosting solution for promotion to our affiliates. Now, after a few months of research and testing, we are ready to present it. Meet TestoBoost Pro – an effective supplement that helps to build lean muscle, while delivering an array of health benefits.


If you are wondering what it is all about…


For those of you who don’t really get why a certain sports nutrition supplement can outperform others, here is the deal: most products “pump up” muscles for as long as you take them and inhibit certain bodily functions; that’s why a natural solution that brings healthy and sustainable results is likely to cause a hype. Testosterone boosting supplements have become the solution people were waiting for.

With age, the levels of testosterone in the man’s body decline, causing numerous health problems from increased fatigue to prostate cancer risks.

In other words, the body lacks energy to function properly, let alone pack on muscles. TestoBoost Pro helps to reverse the process and achieve much faster and healthier results in the gym.

The formula is blended using only natural ingredients such as horny goat weed, tongkat ali, saw palmetto and others.

A beautiful landing page & other perks

Improving health, achieving results, suffering from no side effects – it’s all good and fine, but what about the CPA offer itself, you may ask. Worry not – we’ve taken good care of this new opportunity and provided it with all the best features we could think of. First, there is a beautiful landing page:


We’ve worked hard developing this landing page as a powerful tool for converting customers. As an in-house offer, BizProfits has a variety of banners and other marketing materials to facilitate promotion of this particular offer.

While working with other offers, we’ve noticed that strategically placed cross-sells can easily double profits made. This is why customers who purchase TestoBoost Pro are offered to increase its effectiveness by adding ProMuscleFit  to their orders in two easy clicks.

Speaking of which, the ProMuscleFit landing page has undergone a major redesign. Along with the new AlphaManPro, these three supplements make up a new men’s health product line as seen below.

PB_V1_three bottles_680x400

Manly, confident, professional – these are the attributes we had in mind while working on their landing pages and packaging designs. The corresponding offers can be promoted independently, but we do recommend to market them as a combo for addressing men’s health problems using a complex approach.

We will keep you posted about other changes taking place at BizProfits and in the industry in general. Please do not hesitate to contact your affiliate manager for additional information about TestoBoostPro and to sign up for promotion of this offer. We’ll be happy to answer your questions and provide necessary assistance.

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