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Add an Essential Holiday Touch to Your Marketing Efforts This Year

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Only a week into December and it’s already obvious that Christmas is just around the corner, bringing its usual challenges and opportunities for affiliate marketers. It is estimated that holiday sales this year will account for 19% of the annual retail turnover of $3.2 trillion, with total online sales growing by 6% to 8%. Impressive? You bet. Are your marketing tools and techniques prepared for the ride? Have you considered how different a holiday shopper’s behavior might be from the regular pattern? In this blog post, we’d like to discuss just that.

A holiday shopper’s profile: what has changed?

Despite certain discrepancies in holiday shopper personas developed by various marketing experts and companies, they mostly agree on the fact that a holiday shopper is much more determined in his search of particular items and demonstrates less affinity to well-known brands. When the holiday season strikes, users tend to browse for the items they think will make good presents for their family and friends; there is much less casual browsing and much more intent. Holiday shoppers are less likely to bounce and more inclined to purchase during the first website visit.

Key takeaway: the focus of your campaign should shift from simply hooking your target audience’s attention and concentrate
on a more purpose-driven search.

PCD_christmas_bannerIt might be effective to market some of your products as Christmas gifts. BizProfits network has a wide choice of high-quality health and beauty supplements, which can make excellent presents and are easily marketed as such.

Holiday rush is another factor that defines customers’ behavior during the Christmas shopping season. While the number of users resorting to online shopping grows each year, it bears reminding (and emphasizing) that buying from an online store is a sure way to avoid huge lines and Black Friday-style crowds.

Key takeaway:  tweak the copy of your marketing materials to stress user convenience.

christmas_lines_300x200With all the holiday hysteria going on around, it might be effective to double emphasize scarcity; surveys prove that a holiday shopper is more likely to consider product inventory when making buying decisions.

Despite holiday sales and promotions, the need to provide every family member with a gift makes it a rather costly time of the year; being on a budget (estimated at around $500 in 2015), a holiday shopper pays more attention to the product price.

Key takeaway: There is nothing better than promoting free trials and moneymaking opportunities that give your customers a break from all the spending they have to do, while earning you commissions.
shopping_list_200x150It will definitely do no harm highlighting the “free” part of your offer (in the case it is a free trial) or stress the chance to earn (rather than spend) online with binary options and lottery CPA offers.

Holiday season changes and tips broken down by marketing channels

Email marketing
In the entire range of marketing tools used in affiliate marketing, email campaigns easily hold the first place in terms of their effectiveness. 22% of users rely on emails in making gift choices (just as much as on TV commercials), while offers sent by trusted individuals convert 3x-10x better than brand-to-consumer emails.


Weekends proved to be the most responsive time for email campaigns during the holiday season, with Sunday having the highest open and click-through rates. The preferred time of social interaction was claimed to be between 6 p.m. and 10 p. m. by roughly a half of email users, while the most active time for online purchases remains the same throughout the year, having settled at around 9 am to 11 am.

In addition, holiday email recipients proved to be more demanding in terms of personalization of the experience, i. e. they look more favorably on narrowly targeted emails instead of those that demonstrate “one-size-fits-all” approach.

With 41% of mobile device owners making purchases through email promotions viewed on the corresponding devices, the lack of mobile optimization of your campaigns becomes synonymous to failure.

PPC ads

Believing that PPC ads will perform equally well throughout the season is no doubt a mistake. There are a few ways in which your PPC campaign can be adjusted to perform better during the holiday fever. The most important of them are:

– adding Christmas content to the ad copy to prove that the offer is current and up-to-date;

– more active use of extensions (preferably with customer reviews);

– revisiting your keywords for better targeting.

Social media marketing

65% of shoppers admit to using social media to find gift ideas, while 92% of them trust user-generated recommendations found in the same networks. This winter, it will be critical to use high-quality imagery and native advertising, especially for products that rely on visual perception.


In terms of the sales driving force, blogs are second only to brand websites, with Instagram and YouTube hot on their heels. Video content and video reviews in particular are a skyrocketing trend, making its way into affiliate marketing. This easily proves that if you are not using social media marketing yet, this holiday season is just the right time to start.

It goes without saying that Christmas is the time to pull emotional strings. The least you can do is tweak your imagery and show more holiday-related characters and scenes. We have prepared a set of holiday-themed materials for you, but we encourage you to go further and create your own.

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