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Affiliate Programs That Offer These Weight Loss Ingredients Are Selling Like Hot Cakes!

Written by: Kate Almog Marketing News, Promotion Tips


Weight loss supplements are currently all the rage – just as much as affiliate marketing programs. With all the variety available, you must be wondering which products are the hot-sellers; even more so if you have never tried to lose weight yourself using a supplement.

Good news – we have an answer for you! Here is a list of the best weight loss ingredients that actually work. Seeing one or more of the following ingredients on a product label gives you a better idea which products are more credible and ultimately more effective.

Pumpkin Seeds
Pumpkin seeds contain a great amount of zinc, which helps the body to produce testosterone. The hormone is, in turn, responsible for production of lean muscle and burning of fat.  Pumpkin seeds belong to the unsaturated fats category and can reduce hunger, while stimulating the use of stored fats as body ‘fuel’.

Furthermore, zinc works to support the immune system and to improve one’s mood, sleep, sight, and skin health.

cayenne_pepperCayenne Pepper
A study supported by the National Institutes of Health proved that cayenne pepper aids weight loss by burning calories and curbing appetite, especially for people who are not used to eating spiced foods. The researcher, Richard Mattes, believes that cayenne pepper stimulates the trigeminal nerve, which leads to an increase in energy expenditure and a decrease in food intake.

In addition, it boosts one’s metabolism by 25% due to its main ingredient, capsaicin.

Prune Juice
Fast weight loss often requires a mix of ingredients, and prune juice will work just perfectly in such a combination. It is a powerful energy source that helps control bowel movements, reduces LDL cholesterol and prevents the blood sugar level from jumping.

Prunes contain a large amount of antioxidants and thus work to prevent cell damage. Their rich potassium content is important for normal functioning of the heart and kidneys, while fiber helps to reduce hunger.

Aloe Veraaloe_vera
Another source of antioxidants, Aloe Vera facilitates higher energy consumption and reduces body mass index. It does this by producing energy from stored carbohydrates and fats. It’s other constituent, collagen, reduces the time that food is stored in the intestine, preventing fat storage.

Aloe Vera is also a source of vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, B12, C and E and reduces the risk of diabetes.

Raspberry ketone
Raspberry ketone is a compound that gives raspberries their delicious aroma. In a devoted study, subjects who took 200mg of ketones and 1,200mg of vitamin C for approximately a month were able to lose weight and burn body fat.

Raspberry ketone increases the breakdown of fat molecules into fat cells and stimulates the production of adiponectin – a protein, which helps break down fat quickly and easily.

coffee_beansGreen coffee bean extract
A compound of green coffee bean extract called chlorogenic acid was scientifically proven to have positive effect on metabolism and weight loss. One of the devoted studies, published in Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity: Targets and Therapy in 2012, showed that the extract facilitated a decrease in body weight, body fat percentage, body mass index and to some extent, the heart rate.

Results are even better if these ingredients are combined like in our Raspberry Ketone CPA offer or Pure Colon Detox offer. Present your customers with the most effective and high quality products – and they will be eager to try.

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