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Affiliates Beware: Avoid These Spam Triggers in Your Next Email Campaign

Written by: Kate Almog Promotion Tips


Following our previous post on tips to optimize your email campaigns, we thought it would be useful for you to have a clear understanding of what methods or words to avoid in your emails.

First and foremost, your subject line needs attention. The subject line is the first text to undergo scrutiny, but it certainly is not the only text. Spam filters crawl your entire email looking for spam trigger words, especially continuous repetition of these same words. Avoid using ‘Re:’ in the subject line to make it appear as if you are responding to a customer’s email they sent. It is tricky and unwise. Secondly, avoid one word subject lines like: Hi! Or Hello! You should also cut down on the exclamation points and definitely avoid using ALL CAPS. Spam anyone? Now, a subject line should be clear, but you don’t want to give your entire email away because then they won’t have a need to open the mail.

Now, a spammy word thrown into your emails now and then will not affect your delivery rate as whole, but it’s a best practice to use suitable replacement words and synonyms.

Here are words that are frequently regarded as spam that are related to the health, weight loss, and anti-aging niches:


Once you do your best to avoid the more commonly used spam words listed above, it’s important to then focus on how you will send the emails.

Break up your recipient lists
If you send a huge amount of emails, there is a higher chance that many of your emails will go to the junk folder because the email providers will be overloaded from your server. Also, by breaking your lists down, you will avoid an influx of spam complaints in one sending. This will help you to avoid being given a higher spam score from certain email providers.

Clean your lists of bogus emails
You must regularly clean your lists for bogus emails. If you continually send to nonexistent emails with a specific email provider, they will penalize you for that too.

Include text in the email body

spam2_300x300_5_15_15What’s more suspicious that sending an email that is just one, huge image? This is an immediate red flag for email providers as one can easily hide messages with spammy intentions. Images are an asset, but make sure you balance the images with quality text.

By following the above criteria, you will be on your way to creating quality affiliate campaigns that your recipients will see in their inbox. Remember, spam filters are updated on a daily basis, so make sure you stay on top of the trends and update your efforts accordingly. If you are ready to start promoting offers via email, choose from one of our best-selling free trial offers and get started!

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