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An Avalanche Of New Offers Have Been Added To BizProfits Network!

Written by: Kate Almog New CPA Offers & Verticals


As usual, we are working hard to make your experience with our network the most rewarding, the most convenient and the most efficient in terms of the efforts invested. In line with this strategy, we enhance promotional materials and constantly improve the quality of our CPA offers. Recently, we decided to go even further and give you more opportunities for promotion. Long story short, BizProfits network now has 23 new health and beauty offers in various categories, including two completely new ones. They include:

The weight loss category now has new blends based on well-known extracts such as:


Tru Burn Plus CPA Offer
Garcinias Pure CPA Offer
Natural Ketone CPA Offer
Apex Forskolin CPA Offer
Apex Garcinia CPA Offer

The body cleanse category now offers even more detoxifying solutions:


Vimax Cleanse CPA Offer
Apex Cleanse CPA Offer

The skin category has become significantly richer with:


PurEssance Serum CPA Offer
TruVisage CPA Offer
Oro Lift Face Cream CPA Offer
Black Diamond Serum CPA Offer
Apex Eye Serum CPA Offer
Apex Youth Serum CPA Offer
Apex Facial Serum CPA Offer

There is an abundance of new offers to target your male audience specifically, such as:


Power Precision CPA Offer
TrigX2 Muscle Boost CPA Offer
TestosteroneXL CPA Offer
Vimax Men’s Health CPA Offer

We have added two new categories of offers to better cater to the needs of customers. One of them is Hair Growth Offers, which now includes two new products designed for both men and women experiencing this problem. The other is Straight Sale Offers – they are especially convenient for those affiliates who already have straight sale traffic and use corresponding marketing materials. BizProfits straight sale offers have no hidden charges whatsoever and offer a simple and transparent ordering procedure.  Given the high quality of the products involved, their promotion won’t require much efforts, not to mention that the commission offered for straight sale offers is usually higher.


Finally, affiliates can now promote Pure Asian Garcinia with the help of an exclusive tool! Our brand-new Exclusive Garcinia w/toon Offer features the same in-demand product, but takes the marketing potential of its website to an even higher level. Every time a customer visits the product website, they will be greeted by a custom navigational character of a medical specialist.  The animation will tell them more about the product, encourage them to try it and ensure that the entire ordering process goes as smoothly as possible. Our research shows that the conversion rate at this website can reach amazing heights, multiplying your profits.

More detailed information about the new offers is available on the Offers page at CPA network. Do not waste the opportunity to become financially independent by offering your customers powerful combos of supplements and reaping twice as much benefits on the way.

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