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Another Significant Step on the Way to Higher Conversions!

Written by: Kate Almog New CPA Offers & Verticals


A few quick facts:

According to the Smart Insights report, in July 2015, users spent 5-6 hours a day browsing the Internet with digital devices, 51% of them being mobile phones (compared to only 12% in 2008).

64% of Americans have smartphones; more than a half of them consider mobile devices an indispensable part of their life. Of them, 10% do not have other means of Internet connection.

Between January 1, 2014 and January 1, 2015, mobile traffic grew by 39%. There are no reasons to believe its proliferation will slow down in the near future (a report by We Are Social).

Why are we telling you this? Because as usual, we have great news! Understanding the importance and volume of mobile and tablet device traffic handled by our affiliates, the BizProfits team has prepared, optimized, and redesigned mobile and tablet website designs for our best-seller – the Garcinia Cambogia CPA offer. They have been improved in terms of user convenience and the conversion rate, and now offer a much smoother customer journey.

So, what has been changed?

We have implemented the following improvements:

An entirely new, more engaging design
Revamped and optimized website content
A few elements to boost convenience such as a “Call us” button for easy clicking instead of a phone number

Where do the changes apply?

The improvements apply to the Pure Asian Garcinia website, our White Label offerings, as well as the Exclusive Garcinia w/toon offer. We believe that this will help our affiliates achieve much better conversion rates of their mobile and tablet traffic. In the meantime, the BizProfits team will continue to work on making your participation in our affiliate program as profitable and convenient as possible.

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