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Anti-Aging Product Popularity is On The Rise: Why You Should Join Our DermaActive Affiliate Program

Written by: Kate Almog New CPA Offers & Verticals


Want to learn one of the most powerful and always successful affiliate marketing tips? It’s simple, sell effective and natural products – it truly is the best advice we can offer you!

Surprised? Well, there is nothing too astonishing here. Customers like quality products, especially herbal and all-natural formulas.

Today, we’d like to talk about our DermaActive Eye Serum CPA offer, and namely its main active ingredient called Glycine Soja. It has already conquered the anti-aging products market, and it’s time for you to learn all the benefits it can give your customers as well. After all, knowing your products well is essential for successful marketing.

Skincare benefits of Glycine Soja

2-4Glycine Soja (also known as glycine soja oil or soy acid) is an extract obtained from a soybean plant that belongs to the legume family. Mostly found in the East Asia, it also happens to grow in China, Japan and Taiwan and has beautiful purple, pink and lilac blossoms. Its powerful anti-aging and health-boosting properties have already been recognized and celebrated throughout the world.

Here is what Glycine Soja can offer your customers in terms of skin care.

A powerful antioxidant

3Oxidative stress is the cause of aging, diabetes, heart failure, and even cancer. Due to its rich vitamin E content, Glycine Soja serves as an antioxidant that “donates” electrons to free radicals that are damaging healthy skin cells, preventing oxidative stress. It also mitigates and prevents further damage to collagen and elastin – the powerful proteins responsible for firmer and younger looking skin.

A moisturizing agent
Combined with hydrogen, Glycine Soja hydrates and replenishes the skin, providing a moisturizing and skin conditioning effect.

A cleansing agent
If applied to oily skin, Glycine Soja works to remove unnecessary grease and impurities and delivers a more even-toned and “cleaner” look to your skin.


An anti-inflammatory agent
Studies prove that Glycine Soja contains Genistein – a phytoestrogen, rich in anti-inflammatory properties that affect granulocytes, monocytes and the lymphocytes, white blood cells that are important to the body’s immune system. Clinical trials have shown that Genistein boosts collagen production in the skin.

These benefits (and other from powerful ingredients such as hydrolyzed rice protein and superoxide dismutase, to name a few) are the reason why so many affiliates have joined the DermaActive Eye Serum affiliate program. It’s easy to promote a skincare product that does so much in terms of skin protection and age prevention.  In addition, the eye serum goes perfectly with our DermaNova anti-aging facial cream, offering you a great cross-sell opportunity. Make commissions from two sales at once!

If you are ready to become a BizProfits’ affiliate, don’t hesitate and sign up right now. We will provide you with high-converting marketing materials, so you can successfully promote this in-demand skincare product.




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