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Are You Making These Rookie Mistakes In Your Email Marketing Campaign?

Written by: Kate Almog Promotion Tips


Are you using email marketing to promote our CPA offers? Have you taken into account the tips we’ve described in this post? Are you split testing the program like we taught you here? Great! Now, it’s time for a quick test!  As usual, there are a few pitfalls you might stumble into, so we’ve decided to warn you about them below.

Exaggerations in a subject line
Yes, we have told you that a subject line should be enticing, but it’s not a reason to trick your audience into opening the mail. The body of your letter should always match the subject.
inappropriate_subject_lineOver-hyping might go unpunished once or twice, but in the end, it will undermine your credibility and make recipients mark the letter as spam (even if you stop the over-exaggeration at some point). All-caps and multiple exclamation marks are hardly an effective technique either.

Unedited pre-header
The pre-header is the text that appears next to a subject line. Most email marketing software enables you to optimize it and increase the chances of opening the mail. Do not underestimate its importance: if not taken care of, your pre-header will just be a piece of code or an unrelated phrase.

One large image in the body
Even though it might be tempting to use a colorful image instead of plain text, testing results prove that text works better. The main reason behind this is that a large part of recipients have disabled images in their email settings. Therefore, it’s safer to use images as design, rather than informational elements.

Too many calls to action
Remember we advised you to include two or more CTAs? Well, there is an upper limit too.  While the exact number depends on the length of your email, the general rule of thumb would be to avoid confusing recipients with all the buttons and links. Remember, quality over quantity.


Sending from a no reply address
For a potential customer, seeing ‘no reply’ in the address line signifies that the sender of the email is not willing to communicate. People want to talk to people, not machines. In addition, they want to see that someone has made the effort to write to them personally.

Emails that overlap and double each other evidence poor email marketing management. You can repeat your offers, but only if you have something new to add. Otherwise, it will simply annoy your potential customers and increase the chances of being marked as spam (even though they didn’t mean to do it at first).

Lack of optimization for mobile devices
In the era of smartphones and tablets, forgetting to adjust your emails for these devices is a grave mistake – a mistake that can cost you hundreds of clicks.


No unsubscribe option or a complicated unsubscribing process
Your every email should contain an unsubscribe link, and it shouldn’t take more than two or three clicks to unsubscribe. Otherwise, recipients will lose patience and simply mark the letter as spam.

Sending at the wrong time
A/B testing will help you identify which time is the most productive for your emails. Generally, people tend to be more active in the morning on weekdays.

Finally, never overflow your target audience. It’s better to send fewer emails, but do it once or twice a week. This way, you’ll show that you care about your customers and pay effort to provide them with the best offers on a regular basis.

Please note that this list is not complete. These are only a few major mistakes that will impair open and click-through rates of your letters. However, it often happens that fixing even one of them improves conversion by 30% and more. It’s worth your attention!


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