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Attract More Instagram Traffic To Your Prelanders With Instagress Automation Software

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A big number of BizProfits affiliates rely on social networks to promote all kinds of CPA offers and to our delight, they succeed greatly. The reasons why this marketing tactic is so convenient and popular are numerous; specifically the broad reach and usability of social networks, not to mention a number of built-in tools that exploit their marketing potential to the fullest extent. We have already discussed the benefits of Instagram Shoutouts for the promotion of BizProfits health and beauty CPA offers in one of our previous posts. Today, we would like to introduce you to the practice of automated Instagram promotion (if, of course, you are not using it yet), which you can apply rather conveniently to increase the flow of visitors to your health and beauty or fitness sites.

Let’s assume you already have an Instagram account, filled with original content and links to your prelanders, websites, etc. You have a certain number of followers but consider this potential customer audience amount insufficient. To increase it manually, you’d have to review tons of photos and videos, decide whether their owners would be interested in what you have to offer and then try to attract their attention to your account. Instagress – a service that can help you find like-minded people and lead them to your page – will do all the work for you.

More specifically, Instagress is a bot software that searches for content complying with the parameters you’ve set.  Once the software finds an appropriate image or video, it performs the specified action (likes, comments or follows the owner’s account). The owner of the image sees the like or the comment posted and gets back to you. At this point, it is the job of your content to make such visitors follow you or even proceed to your prelander straight away.

To make it more illustrative, let’s go through the process of setting up an Instagress account.

Once you go to the Instagress website and create an account there, you will be able to add the Instagram account(s) you would like to automate.

In the Activity section, specify which actions you would like the bot to take. You can choose one or all of them – like, comment, follow or unfollow.


The counter in the left upper corner will show you how much automation time you have left. The service has a 3-day free trial, which you can use to test its effectiveness. Note that 3 days is exactly 72 hours and you can use these hours within a much longer period of time by simply turning Instagress on and off at your convenience (that is, running it for 3 hours a day will give you 24 days of use).

In the Main Settings section, you will provide filters for selecting the appropriate content. The beauty of Instagress is that you can achieve a high level of customization and target a rather narrow category of users, including the geo targeting option. This offers a great opportunity to find customers for international offers presented at BizProfits CPA network.


Set the Media source to “Tags” (the bot will use hashtags to look for appropriate content; other variants are “locations”, “followers of usernames”, “followings of usernames” and “my feed”) and choose the “Newest” media age to avoid liking or commenting on old posts. The Media type field lets you choose between images and videos. Minimum and maximum likes filters refer to the number of likes given to images or videos by other users. That is, if you set minimum to 10 and maximum to 30, the bot will only like images that have between 10 and 30 likes. The fewer likes an image has, the more likely its owner will be to notice yours and trace it back to your account. We recommend setting the activity speed to “slow”, since it reduces your chances of being penalized by Instagram for bulk activities.

In the Comments section it is reasonable to tick Don’t comment same users to avoid duplications. There, you will have to provide the appropriate text. It is better to stick to general phrases like “Good job!” or “Nice one!” or “Love it!” to avoid mismatching between comments and images. Each comment is limited to 300 characters, 4 hashtags and 1 URL.


The following sections are used to set parameters for follow and unfollow activities, which are entirely up to you.


Once you finish with these settings, specify the hashtags you want the bot to look for. Make sure they match your goals and don’t mislead users. If you are promoting BizProfits weight loss CPA offers, your hashtags should probably be #health, #diet, #fitness, etc.


If you have selected locations or usernames as your media source, you will have to fill in the corresponding sections.


The last section to take care of is Auto-stop settings, which is where you set the biggest number of likes, comments, follows and unfollows to perform.


Instagress works without any control on your part, you don’t need to download and install it – it can be used straight from the website in any browser. The tricky part is – Instagram tries to detect and stop all bot-like activities. This is why you should use caution and carefully set all the filters to target only the users that will be interested in your offers. Setting the speed to “slow” and specifying moderate limits of activity will help you avoid penalization.

It bears reminding that Instagram tools will work only if you have an original profile, which has already earned some organic followers and has engaging content. Instagress will attract attention to your account, but it will not make your content or offers more attractive unless you take care of it yourself.

Increasing the number of profiles with Instagress running on all of them is a way to increase traffic. However, you will have to provide different sets of hashtags and comments to make sure they attract different categories of users.

Generally, social networks are filled with convenient marketing tools, which our affiliates use with a high degree of success (find a real life story in our previous post). The abundance of channels and instruments have made the promotion of our lifestyle CPA offers a breeze – join now and you will see just how easy and rewarding it is to be a affiliate.

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