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2 Easy Steps to Attract Relevant Traffic to your Website

Written by: Kate Almog Promotion Tips

So far you are putting a lot of efforts into your website but the return is less than you expected? Or maybe your content is generating traffic but not the right kind? Hopefully, there are different ways to optimize and polish the quality of your content, including tricks on how to drive the right type of the traffic to boost conversions.

These 2 simple steps are enough to build a more rewarding strategy of your website optimization and attract targeted traffic.

1. Use commercial-intended keywords

It’s true that at first, your content strategy might feature picking keywords that should drive high volumes of traffic. But the thing is, large volumes don’t influence your conversion rate. You are earning your affiliate commissions only thanks to the relevant traffic which you might lack. One of the main reasons is your choice of keywords – they should have commercial intent. Try targeting the keywords that your potential audience is using and this will increase your chances to convert it.

Instead of using some fun keywords that usually get attention like “LOL”, “jaw-dropping”, “hilarious” try those that will attract potential buyers  – “sale”, “discounts”, “limited time offer”, etc. They will not generate lots of traffic, but they will certainly attract the customers that you can benefit from.

Initiate your own keyword research to pick those that have the highest commercial value. Implement them into your content strategy and you will definitely see the difference.

2. Measure your keyword performance

The essential part of growing as an affiliate marketer is tracking and measuring how your website is performing. Going at this blind results in missing a bunch of profitable opportunities.

Make sure you keep an eye on the keywords you consider the most important in your campaign. If you want to maintain your rank and keep moving forward, start tracking at least five keywords per day. There are plenty of services where you can create a free account and get started easily. This is a really great way to be aware of what specific keywords work in your favor. Remember, there are always highs and lows, the only difference is – the lows in the affiliate marketing are totally preventable.

Beyond that, instead of creating new content to drive conversions – understand whether your existing content is meeting users’ expectations. Install Google Analytics tracking code on your website to estimate your bounce rates when finding via search engines and conduct an in-depth analysis of traffic numbers.


I know that it sounds like this whole keyword optimization thing requires a considerable effort, but it is totally worth it. Try to take it in stride. It’s not difficult, just takes a little time to do research, analyze and adjust your content. Keep doing that and you will eventually succeed.

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