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BizProfits Review: What Makes Us Different From Other CPA Affiliate Networks

Written by: Kate Almog New CPA Offers & Verticals


There are a great number of affiliate network review sites where a performance-marketer-to-be can get information about different CPA networks and affiliate programs. To get the full picture, however, one should go through all of them, compare feedback, identify relevant information, filter out fluff and make decisions based on what has been found out. To illustrate, there are at least five Google SERPs filled with links to various BizProfits reviews. It takes time, not to mention effort to parse them.

That’s why we decided to help you out a little and we compiled general information about our network in a ‘BizProfits review’ article. If you haven’t worked with our network before, here you will get answers to a big part of your questions, as well as find out what makes us different from other CPA networks. For convenience’s sake, the information is organized in an easily navigated manner, which will let you skip the unimportant points and get straight to what matters. We believe it will help you understand what we offer and how our network can be useful in pursuing your goals.


Currently, BizProfits network includes around 500 offers in five verticals: health & beauty, financial & loan offers, binary options, sweepstakes, and mobile offers. The number of offers presented is growing and we plan to add more verticals in the future. While the range of offers may seem moderate when compared to bigger networks, do take into account that we conduct quality checks on every offer and never publish those that have low conversion rates. Therefore, you don’t need to use any kinds of filters to find the best working ones.

The types of offers include cost-per-action and cost-per-lead. Convenient website navigation helps you choose and compare offers without difficulty.


When browsing the selection, you will see that some of the offers are sporting an “Exclusive” band. It means that those are exclusive to BizProfits and are not presented elsewhere. Unlike many other networks that only serve as an intermediary in negotiations between publishers and advertisers, BizProfits has a selection of in-house direct affiliate offers.

Due to the direct nature of relationships with publishers, we can afford to pay higher commission rates on such offers, as well as equip them with specially made promo materials (banners, email creatives, etc.)


Joining BizProfits is absolutely FREE. We do not charge any sign-up fees like many other networks do and ask only for basic information, such as your contact details, primary source of traffic and marketing experience level.


Soon after you complete the registration form, one of our specialists will contact you to clarify the details and give you a quick orientation in real time.

Note that to start promoting our offers, you don’t need a website of your own – social profiles, blogs and other sources of traffic will do too.

It is common knowledge that the level of approvals of new affiliates at major networks is generally low, which is done in order to avoid bad traffic and prevent wasting time. Even though experience is required, at BizProfits we have enough resources to educate and support affiliates looking to branch into new verticals and thus, have a higher approval rate.



Fixed commission rates are specified in offer details. Payments are made every two weeks via one of the following payment options: Epese, Paxum, Webmoney, PayPal or wire transfer (which is obviously more than the average three systems offered by other companies). The minimum amount of payment is $250 for payment systems and $1000 for wire transfer.

If you have ever worked with other networks or at least browsed affiliate program reviews, you know that some companies set a minimum payment threshold at $50 or even lower. The reason why we don’t do it is simple – the majority of our offers are high paying, which means you will most certainly have the required $250 on your account when it’s time to make the transaction. Besides, the frequency of payments is better than at many other networks (net-20, net-30 or even two months after the sale!). Giant networks can’t afford to pay more often due to the bulkiness of their financial systems. We can.

One of the benefits of working with BizProfits is the life-long referral commission program. The rate is set at 5 percent of each sale made by the referred affiliate. In fact, some of our affiliates prefer to focus their efforts solely on bringing new partners to our network – this is how good it can get.

And one last financial detail – we don’t have any dormant account fees. That is, if you have registered with our network and failed to earn anything for months, we will not charge you (like plenty of other networks do). We also won’t shut down your account automatically, but rather contact you to clarify what you’d like to do next.



Another advantage of being a growing network is having enough account managers to address every query in real time. Once you register, we will assign a manager to your account, who will be contacting you (and whom you will be able to contact yourself) via Skype.

Contact form? Yes, we have it, but we prefer to deal with problems and questions in a faster and more efficient manner. And just in case – the support is multilingual, so you are not limited to just English.


Quite a while ago we gave up our proprietary tracking system and converted to HasOffers – one of the most popular affiliate marketing platforms. Once registered, marketers get access to their personal accounts in the system, where they can manage the offers they promote, get news, track conversions and payments and compile reports. It is worth pointing out that the system really is intuitive – you can usually get all the information you need in just a few clicks. Proprietary trackers used by other networks are often quite complicated and require tutoring. Besides (and that is why we have converted to HasOffers), marketers feel safer when their progress and commissions are calculated by a third party and not the network itself.

Please do not hesitate to visit our FAQ page or contact us directly to get more information – we’ll be happy to provide it. Our goal is to help you make an informed decision about joining our network, and once you do join, we’ll provide all the support and information you need to start making real money in performance marketing.

Join BizProfits today and get access to a huge selection of high-converting offers, respectable advertisers and a large professional performance marketing community.

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