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Brand New Pure Colon Detox Website: Make Sure Your UK Customers Feel At Home!

Written by: Kate Almog New CPA Offers & Verticals


Aiming to provide you with more tools to boost conversions and attract new customers, the BizProfits team is happy to announce that we’ve launched a new Pure Colon Detox website geared to the UK market. The CPA offer is already available in the UK Offers category at, where you can find detailed information about promoting the offer with our affiliate network.

Why UK?
There are two reasons why focusing on the UK was a must for us. First, Great Britain has the fifth-largest world economy, wielding huge resources and consumer purchasing power.  Secondly, it is not by chance that the UK has been nicknamed the “fat man of Europe”: sadly, every one out of four adults in Britain suffers from obesity problems, and the tendency is only growing.

These two conditions create a perfect (and large!) market for promotion of weight loss products in general and Pure Colon Detox in particular, which translates to handsome profits for our affiliates.

In general, our weight loss offers are getting increasingly popular in the United Kingdom, and so is the volume of the corresponding traffic. After successful localization experiments with Garcinia Cambogia (and a boost in conversions observed since their launch), we strongly believe that this new tool we are offering you will help you double or even triple your profit.

What is new on the UK-based website?
As with our other UK-targeted CPA offers presented at, the new Pure Colon Detox website has:

– Partially adjusted design to create the right kind of sentiment for UK residents and show that this is a dedicated resource

– Tweaked content to trigger more conversions

– Local shipping options for more ordering convenience

– GBP as a default currency for a more transparent payment procedure

– A dedicated UK-based support team

Moreover, Pure Colon Detox for UK customers is now available in a powerful combo with our UK Garcinia Cambogia as an upsale! Your customers will be able to achieve twice the weightloss and body cleansing results while you reap the financial benefits.  Sign up BizProfits and get started promoting if you haven’t already!

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