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Case Study: What Promotional Efforts are Working for Our Health & Beauty Affiliates

Written by: Kate Almog Promotion Tips

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Thinking about getting started promoting CPA offers with Or maybe you are fairly new to affiliate marketing and are looking to get your feet wet? Whatever your interests may be, our team knows and understands that affiliates are constantly looking for new potential offers with positive reassurance that these offers will convert when using the proper marketing tactics.

We would like to share with you an actual case of one of our current affiliates, who is generating handsome income promoting our CPA offers. Since names here are irrelevant, we will refer to him as ‘John’.

John started promoting with us about 7 weeks ago and chose to start with our strongest weight loss CPA offers – BioActive Raspberry Ketones and Pure Asian Garcinia. Now, John isn’t a beginning affiliate and knew which tactics work for him; He already actively promotes with several other CPA  networks.

You are probably wondering if he works with other networks already, what convinced him to start promoting with Firstly, working with more than one network at once can give you access to exclusive offers you may not have access to with another network. Secondly, by promoting a variety of offers in your niche, you will be able to hit multiple network caps, keeping your conversions as high as possible. The reason John chose was because he had heard through the forums and word of mouth of our network’s positive reputation and selection of direct & exclusive offers, and decided we were a good fit for his converting needs.

In just 7 days’ time, John was able to generate 17,000 clicks to our landing pages, leading to a total of 382 orders. (That’s a 2.24% conversion rate). Now, that may seem small, but on the scale of things it is quite impressive. John generated over $15,000 in revenue from the orders, giving him $6,500 in cold hard, net profits in just a week!


Impressed with John’s endeavors? We are too. Keep in mind, this is only one source of several conversion profit amounts he is raking in per week. The big question everyone is asking is how did he do it? What marketing tactics did he actually use?

social_media_bannerJohn focuses mostly on social media networks and native ads to generate quality traffic.

Of course there are many affiliates that try these methods and don’t find much success, but once you start to test options and build a conversion strategy that works, the conversions will come much easier. Although John didn’t share his entire strategy, he did share some key pointers.

To start, John chooses and purchases enticing and clickable images online to use in his advertising. Once he has selected an image, he adds text that coincides well with his prelander (also referred to as an advertorial page). This goes back to our former blog post on the importance of consistency in your marketing. The more consistent your marketing materials are, the more convincing and clickable they become.

If you are looking to get started promoting our health & beauty offers with native advertising, make sure to check out our article on promoting offers with native ads.
Native_Advertising_banner_1Native ads provide a great way to target potential traffic with relevant content that flows naturally on the page. It is crucial to note that before starting up with a native ad company, they must approve the kinds of offers you promote and what kinds of pages these ads will lead to. If you start working with them and they don’t approve, you could be blocked from working with them in the future, and in general will just be a big waste of your time and money.

The next big step for you is to weigh out your marketing options and start testing different strategies within your budget. Success like John’s does not come overnight, but is reachable with proper focus on developing a marketing strategy that works. Stay tuned for future blog posts concerning ways in which affiliates can optimize their marketing efforts.

If you haven’t already, sign up with BizProfits CPA Network and choose the CPA offers that best fit your money making needs.


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