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Check it Out: A New UK Exclusive Offer and New Vertical Are Now Available at BizProfits

Written by: Kate Almog New CPA Offers & Verticals


It hasn’t been long since we launched our Exclusive Garcinia w/toon CPA Offer, but it has already become one of the highest converting and the most popular with our affiliates. In line with our “continuous improvement and growth” policy we are now glad to present another animation-enhanced offer, honed for British customers.  Please meet UK Garcinia w/toon CPA Offer – just the right choice for those who have a good flow of UK traffic and want to benefit by promoting a wildly popular weight loss supplement.

The new offer is exclusive, i. e. not available in other networks, and adapted for British audiences (the animation actually speaks with a British accent!) Customers will benefit from increased convenience provided by local delivery options, GBP as the currency of charging and a friendlier design.

Since cross-sell opportunities proved to be an effective way of increasing profits, the new offer is equipped with a Pure Colon Detox cross-sell, delivering up to $50 commission (which is as much as the offer commission itself).
garcinia_colon_cross-sellThis exclusive offer will be especially appropriate for affiliates who are already promoting our UK Garcinia CPA Offer.

Believe it or not, this is not all our news!

Another promising vertical – lotto offers – has been added to our network. It includes various opportunities to win big money by selecting lucky numbers, following a strategy, doing group investment – in short, without having to put in effort. Use them to target customers that are not ready for commitments and simply want to try their luck at winning huge money.


The lotto offers are based on the First Time Deposit payment scheme and offer competitive commissions with bi-weekly payouts.

If you haven’t already, this is the best time to join BizProfits CPA network and choose the offers that will bring you the biggest profits! Already an affiliate? Explore our new verticals and continue to follow our blog to stay updated with any new offers added to the range.

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