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Coming to Grips with eCommerce Offers

Written by: Kate Almog Marketing News, Promotion Tips

Since the beginning of the year, it’s been all about eCommerce and how to make money with drop-shipping. More and more marketers want to get more control over their campaigns and some of them succeed.

Beware though: eCommerce might be simple, but it’s not easy. While it is often used parallel to the regular CPA marketing, it calls for a different kind of effort and investment.

Ecommerce CPA Offers

eCommerce in affiliate marketing is a synonym to drop-shipping – delivering products directly from the manufacturer to buyers, without dealing with physical stock (In some cases, however, it will require a physical storage facility).

In its most popular form, marketers launch an online store using Shopify and then deliver products directly from Ali Express. There are also local producers who know nothing about marketing and whose products would make a hit online.

Almost every person has friends who make something that could potentially be interesting for a larger audience. Any product that you can sell using your own store with a price markup is an eCommerce opportunity. And in the case of BizProfits offers, you don’t even need a store… But we are getting ahead of ourselves.

A more solid business opportunity

eCommerce provides greater control over the process. It’s a great opportunity for those who want to get into the “real business”. With eCommerce, you decide what to sell and how big a margin you can set for it (up to thousands of dollars sometimes).

Big scaling is possible, too – vertical as well as horizontal.

Finally, you could sell the business one day, for literally thousands of dollars.

The bad sides? Being the “real” business, eCommerce requires more attention in the customer service area –  shipping delays, quality complaints, and chargebacks are all to be dealt with.

Ecommerce CPA Offers

Taking the first steps

If you are taking a more difficult path in eCommerce (building your own store and all), there are four steps to take:

  1. Selecting the products
  2. Building a store
  3. Importing products
  4. Getting the traffic

Selecting products

The first stage is a very important one, as it can save you money and time in testing. A quite popular approach is to target people rather than products. Come up with an audience to target first and then choose what to sell.

Ecommerce CPA Offers

Similarly, it’s better to go with a niche store rather than a general one. Targeting everyone with everything is tough to handle. It can be useful in one case – if you want to test hundreds of products in a short time.

When selecting a niche, think of the following:

  • Is the target audience passionate? Do they have a problem to be solved with your product? What is their purchasing power?
  • Is it safe to promote this niche on Facebook? Facebook and eCommerce offers go together like peanut better and jelly. But, as we all know, Facebook is extremely picky with its ads, which means it would be a VERY bad idea to choose a questionable product.
  • Is the niche evergreen? Temporary niches can be used for testing, but the real profit is always in the evergreen area.
  • Does the niche offer scaling opportunities? Are there any related products that would also be interesting for your audience?
  • Will customers from other geos be interested in what you are selling?

If the answer is yes, you’ve found the right niche.

You can also research best-selling products in other stores. It’ll give you a pretty good idea of what sells, but bear in mind that the competition is already strong there.

After the niche, it’s the product selection time. A perfect product is easy to find and ship, light-weight (to simplify shipping and storage), trendy, rather cheap (to target impulse buyers) and can become a foundation for building a brand.

Launching a store

Shopify is undoubtedly the most popular platform for building web stores. It offers simplicity, diversity and extensive customization options  – all for a modest price. Don’t forget the following must-have apps:

  • An app to import products from the manufacturer. Oberlo is the most popular and probably the most convenient of them.
  • A mailer app.  Provided you have selected a consumable product, you can offer a replacement or a related product through emails, as well as convert abandoned cart users. Abandonment Protector and MailChimp are used most often for such purposes.

Select a theme and a logo for your store. The simpler they are, the better. Rewrite the descriptions of products (they are often unreadable on AliExpress), improve the images, and make other cosmetic changes. Add links to social media profiles for your store.

Ecommerce CPA Offers

Get inspiration from reviews of similar products on other websites. You might discover angles you wouldn’t have thought of yourself.

When deciding on the price markup for your products, don’t forget to include shipping, the Shopify subscription, your ad spend, etc. $50 – $200 markup is fine, but if you know from experience that a much higher markup is acceptable, be sure to use it.

Tips for your store:

  • Use at least a PayPal and a credit card as payment options
  • Drop shipping from China takes a very long time, and your customers need to realize it to avoid chargebacks. That’s why you should warn them multiple times about the wait.  You can also set an email sequence with updates on the order status or consider having a small storage facility of your own and ship from there.
  • Test everything you would normally test on a prelander after getting traffic – images, CTAs,  copy, security badges, count-down timers, pretty prices, etc.

Getting traffic

When the store is set up and ready to take traffic, head to Facebook. This is not the only way to promote your store, but definitely the most popular one. With its targeting and delivery possibilities, sky is your limit in reaching more potential customers.

Technically, several traffic sources work for eCommerce, including native, YouTube, and search, but Facebook dominates the playground.

Ecommerce CPA Offers

When setting-up ads for your store:

  • Focus on a single product in every ad;  a one-image ad is better than a carousel ad
  • Tell a story. eCommerce is just the niche to sell the sizzle, not the steak
  • Test different options – free delivery, just-pay-shipping with an upsell, links to articles and presell pages instead of direct-linking, links to lead capture pages with a subsequent email sequence, etc.

Allocate at least $3K – $4K budget for testing and don’t give up if you see no results from day one. Some niches are over-saturated already. Ordering directly from AliExpress becomes more popular with customers, which naturally cuts a chunk  out of your target audience. It might take time to find good products to sell, but once you do, the potential profits are significant. Some successful marketers choose to go through 3 different products to test a day until they hit the jackpot.

eCommerce offers at BizProfits

Here at BizProfits, we have a simplified version of eCommerce offers. You don’t need to build a website to sell them, just as well as you don’t need to manually go through hundreds of products on AliExpress. Advertisers have already done all that for you. All you have to do is send traffic to their prelanders and websites. Our eCommerce offers can be found under the Lifestyle & Recreation category on the website.

Contact your affiliate manager with any questions that you might have and good luck with eCommerce! We know you can make it work.





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