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CTA Button Optimization: How to Increase Your Click-Through Rates

Written by: Kate Almog Promotion Tips


Do you know what stands between bouncing and ordering? A button – as simple as that. A bright rectangle with a few words on it can determine the fate of your entire landing page. Today we will discuss on how to make it your ally in the uphill battle for better conversions.

Before we start, open the Pure Asian Garcinia website in a separate tab – it will be easier to understand what we want to say using a specific example.

Now, can you tell what two components every CTA button have? If your answer was ‘design and copy’, you couldn’t be more right. The first serves to make the button stand out, and the second explains why a customer should click on it at all. Correspondingly, you should focus your optimization efforts on these two areas.

Design – keep it simple

big_orange_button1-1-300x89Generally, a button should look like a button, with only small deviations allowed. In other words, it has to be a rectangle with white space around it, which appears clickable. Some graphic effects may be used, but only as long as they help the button to stand out and don’t  turn it into an art object. For example, the button on our website changes the gradient when hovered over.

Quite expectedly, colors matter. Unbounce went as far as proclaiming that the Big Orange Button (they call it BOB – cute, isn’t it?) is the future of all CTA buttons. While it might not be the panacea, orange does look delicious and clickable and proved to work well in split testing.

As regards the size, do not go overboard. An excessively large button will make people feel pressured. You don’t need that kind of sentiment on your website.


Take a look at the Pure Asian Garcinia website again. All buttons are orange and rather noticeable, but they don’t draw too much attention from other components of the page, do they?

Copy – keep it valuable
A change of a single word in the copy of your button can significantly improve click-through rates. The most common mistake is focusing on your needs rather than customer’s. They don’t want to ‘register’ and ‘review’. They like ‘submitting’ even less. Instead, customers want to ‘get’ and ‘receive’. In other words, you need to show the real value of hitting on a particular button.


Using the word ‘order’ can be tricky, as it might be associated with waiting. On the Pure Asian Garcinia website, we neutralized this effect by adding the word ‘rush’. Thus, conversions haven’t suffered.

Adding a sense of urgency works for buttons just as well as for landing pages. Experiment with using ‘today’ or ‘now’ or even adding an entire new phrase, like we did on the last order button on the Pure Asian Garcinia website.

Cut the copy if it’s too long, preferably to around 50 characters. The more you write on a button, the more time and effort it will take to read it, thus giving your customer more time to consider not clicking the button.

Last but not least, take care of placement. Buttons above the fold are more likely to get noticed, but they might be less powerful if buying your product requires a lot of persuasion. The most effective technique is to put buttons in places where people will be logically inclined to click on them. On the Garcinia website, we placed them after each informational block. Therefore, as soon as a customer decides she is ready to buy, she can find a button to click sitting right next to the cursor.

It bears repeating that split testing should be your reliable, full-time assistant in all kinds of optimization activity.  It’s almost impossible to predict which color combination or font size will work for a particular website, and only trial-and-error will help you find the truth.

Stay tuned for more optimization tips! We will keep providing valuable information to help our affiliates get the most of their CPA offer promotional efforts.


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