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Direct CPA Offers at BizProfits: Enjoy Exclusivity

Written by: Kate Almog New CPA Offers & Verticals


There are roughly two types of performance marketers working with BizProfits – those who were with us before we expanded into a full-grown network, and those who have joined after. This article is mostly for the latter, since they may not have all the information about the types of offers we have.

We are not talking about verticals (those are quite straightforward), but rather about a category known as exclusive offers and what makes them different from the rest.

How to identify exclusive CPA offers?

Exclusive (or direct) offers are easily recognizable thanks to a purple “Exclusive” band attached to their landing page images. There is a dedicated subcategory within the Health & Beauty vertical where you can find all of them, but they’re also spread through other categories according to the nature of the product featured.

What does ‘exclusivity’ imply?

These labeled offers have been developed and produced by BizProfits and we can testify to their quality. Currently, we have eleven direct affiliate programs:

AlphaMan Pro – a fast-working male enhancement solution blended using a combination of natural potency ingredients.

TestoBoost Pro – an ultimate testosterone booster for men of all ages that helps to improve sex life and build muscle.

ProMuscle Fit – a pre and post-workout supplement used to improve endurance, speed-up muscle recovery and help grow lean muscle mass. Those three supplements belong to one men’s health product line.

Spa Elixir Life Essence Serum – a luxurious skin care solution made from Dead Sea minerals and herbs for fast and complex rejuvenation.

Spa Elixir Nighttime Cream – a moisturizing and nourishment cream that serves as a foundation for rejuvenation with Life Essence Serum and comes from the same line of skin care products.

Pure Asian Garcinia – a natural weight loss solution based on the Garcinia Cambogia fruit, which is well known in the weight management arena.

Pure Colon Detox – a gentle cleansing formula that helps to achieve the same body cleansing results as mechanical colon irrigation but in a much more pleasant and worry-free way.

ForskolinFit Pro – a sports nutrition formula to build lean muscle and keep the weight off.

Tropical Green Coffee – a weight loss supplement with chlorogenic acid as the main active ingredient.

BioActive Raspberry – a powerful fruit extract packed in a bottle. Taking a single pill of this supplement equates to eating pounds of raspberry and delivers amazing weight loss results.

CurvyBust – a natural and 100% safe alternative to breast enhancement surgery.

All of these products are competitive and offers as free trials. We are currently working on new formulas that will be available shortly.

What are the benefits?

The advantage of promoting direct offers by BizProfits is obvious – you deal with the advertiser directly and drop the middleman from the equation. While enjoying the benefits of working with a big CPA network that’s focused on delivering value to its affiliates, you also get the perks associated with promoting in-house affiliate programs. Plainly, the commission rates are higher, the communication is easier and the feedback is always taken into account to improve customer service.

Please do not hesitate to contact your affiliate manager for more information.

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