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The Do’s and Don’ts when Promoting BizProfits Affiliate Offers

Written by: Kate Almog Promotion Tips


When you start working with our network, it is important to know what is allowed and not allowed when promoting our CPA & CPL offers. BizProfits has over 300 active offerings in various verticals, and they all have the same traffic restrictions attached. Below we will go over some particular marketing methods, how they work, and what traffic sources are allowed.

Marketing Methods

We accept all mainstream marketing methods including display ads, PPC, SEO, SEM, opt-in mailing (as long as publishers comply with opt-in conduct guidelines) and social media marketing (SMM).

Search PPC
Search PPC traffic comes from paid search ads. A few of the major search networks used by our publishers are:

Google AdWords
Bing Ads

PPC search traffic works great with health and beauty (nutra) CPA offers and financial offers. When using this marketing method, it is very important to invest as much time as possible in keyword research, as competitive keywords are a cornerstone of PPC advertising.

Social PPC
Social PPC is a social media marketing tool based on paid ads in social networks. BizProfits DOES NOT ALLOW its publishers to directly link to offers on social networks as social platforms consider this spam. The most known social PPC networks are:

Facebook Ads
Twitter Ads
Plenty of Fish


Facebook Ads is one of the best traffic sources for health & beauty offers. 70% of our publishers have been running diet, skin and muscle offers on Facebook. With daily budget of $100 you can easily get up to $500 profit. All you need to do in terms of marketing is create an ad with an attractive image and a catchy title, set up an advertorial page (prelander) and target your audience.

PPV Traffic
PPV traffic is mainly represented by pop up and pop under ads.

This traffic source works well with sweepstakes offers and binary options. We DO NOT RECOMMEND running nutra offers with this traffic source. If you choose to run health and beauty offers on PPV platforms, make sure to present your marketing plan to your account manager before you launch the campaign; otherwise it will be considered a restricted traffic source. If you need help with PPV optimization, you can always contact your account manager or read my article on “How to Use PPV Marketing to Promote CPA Offers”.

Native Ads
Native advertising is a form of paid media where the ad is presented as a part of the page content. This traffic source is efficient for health offers and binary options offers.

The key to success with this traffic source is information. Make sure to monitor and analyze your data before placing bids via cost per click.


A few of the major native advertising platforms used by our publishers are:


BizProfits is 100% NON-INCENT, which means you cannot run any of the BizProfits offers using incentive traffic. We define traffic as incentive when a publisher offers money, gifts or points for completing the action required in the offer (claiming a free trial, making a deposit, etc.).

Pay careful attention to the content of your advertorial pages. The choice of words is extremely important when making promises to customers.  “Get Your Free Bottle” in the first headline is likely to lower the quality of traffic since customers will expect a completely free purchase (while there is at least a shipping and handling fee). “Get Your Trial Bottle”, on the other hand, could bring leads of higher quality.

If you have any questions regarding the content of your campaigns, you can always consult your account manager.

Classified Ads
Classified ads are NOT ALLOWED at BizProfits. Please do not use Craigslist, US Free Ads and other classified ads platforms when promoting our offers.

Please keep in mind this short, yet indisputable list of restrictions. We are always eager to help our publishers squeeze maximum profit from their traffic and you are welcome to contact our team with comments, questions or ideas at any time.

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