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Effective Headline Templates To Improve Conversions And Turn Visitors Of Your Affiliate Website Into Paying Customers

Written by: Kate Almog Promotion Tips


Following our post with some general tips on headline writing, we’ve decided to go deeper into specifics. Hey, we told ourselves, it will be much easier and convenient for our affiliates to use ready-made tools, rather than general recommendations! That’s why we came up with these headline templates. Basically, you can just take the one you deem the most appropriate, customize it slightly by filling in the blanks and use it on your landing page or whatever it is you are working on.

According to a rough classification, all headline structures fall into two categories.

These are mostly how-to headlines, but there’s also a variety of other formulas that pursue the same educational purpose. They offer ‘tips’, ‘ways’ and ‘shortcuts’ to achieve one’s goals or obtain knowledge.

-How to___________ even if/even though___________
– How to___________ without______________
– How to ____ in _____ seconds/steps/days
– How to get rid of_______________
– What you’ve got to know about ______________
– Do you know these ___________ to avoid ___________?
– The secret of____________
– The secrets of__________ that always work
– A quick advice to ______________ who want to____________
– You will laugh at your problem with ____________ after you use this advice
– Here’s a quick way to _______
– _____[do something] like an expert
– Expert tips on___________
– What to do with_____________
– Tips for busy_____________
– Little known ways to ____________
– 5 ways to __________________
– A guide to ________________
– ______ shortcuts to __________
– What _______ doesn’t tell you

Headlines of this type tell readers about a mistake, a problem or an issue they might be missing. Fear is a very strong emotion, and most will be inclined to read the copy under a warning headline just to be on the safe side.

– Are you making these _______mistakes in __________?
– __________ ways to avoid ______________
– The real truth about _____________
– Signs you might be ______________ [negative outcome]
– Ways to make sure you are not _____________
– _____ mistakes you won’t make again
– How secure are/is your ______________
– Get rid of __________ forever
– The biggest danger of _______________
– ________ signs of danger
– Beware _________ and learn to identify it/them
– A little mistake that will cost you __________
– Do you suffer from ___________?
– ____ ways to screw up __________
– Avoid ______ when you __________
– ____________ warning signs of ______________

Please note that actual results will depend on many factors – target audience, products, other elements of the page, and so on. These headline templates are by no means the only possible options, and we encourage you to experiment, using our ideas as a starting point.

We’d also love to hear from you! Tell us which headlines worked best to promote our CPA offers. We, in turn, will keep providing marketing tips for you to boost profits and increase your clientele.

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