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Written by: Kate Almog New CPA Offers & Verticals


As our loyal affiliates have undoubtedly noticed, BizProfits network is growing, and it’s growing fast. Having significantly increased the number and variety of health and beauty CPA offers presented in the network, we’ve decided to expand into other profitable verticals that could benefit our affiliates. Some research and analysis showed us that one niche in particular has the potential to bring affiliates significant – and we do mean SIGNIFICANT – profits.

What would you say about a $300 commission? Yes, it is for real! Offers from this new niche have amazingly high commission rates and all other standard benefits usually provided to BizProfits affiliates (regular payouts, well converting websites, etc.). They are also extremely popular among customers, giving you unlimited opportunities for promotion.

No, we are not overselling this new niche – binary options CPA offers are just THAT great.

What are Binary Options?
You would have to live in a vacuum to miss this new trading hype – investing in binary options is the new online money maker. People have managed to earn thousands of dollars using this simple trading strategy, making other people (your potential customers) envious and willing to try it, too.

In short, binary options are a way of trading various assets – currencies, commodities, indexes and shares – that requires only basic market knowledge, if any at all. The trading is based on price movements: a trader should set the amount of bet, select an asset and define whether its price will go up or down in a certain period of time (starting at only 60 seconds!). If the prediction is correct, the trader gets paid, if not – loses the amount of the initial bet and not a cent more.


Simplicity and the low-risk nature of binary options are the two main reasons why people are going crazy over them – even if they’ve never considered trading before. There is a high chance of winning if you understand basic price fluctuations. In fact, binary options suit all kinds of traders – those who like analyzing and digging deep, and those who’d like to do it for pure fun.

The binary options offers presented on feature various trading strategies and robotic trading applications, which you can offer your diverse customer audience. They are designed for various locations (US and non-US) and based on the first time deposit (FTD) payout scheme – that is, the affiliate receives commission when the referred customer deposits money into his trading account. Your customers DO NOT have to win – only start trading.

Who Should Promote These Offers?
Maybe you are already dealing with a good flow of financial focused traffic – then binary options will be the best course of action for you.

Looking for new opportunities? Want to do some serious affiliate marketing? Ready to promote paid-for services rather than free trials? Binary options are a great choice.

Even those affiliates who have been promoting this kind of offers with other platforms should take a look at our selection – the new offers are so diverse that you might easily find a few to expand your arsenal.

Check Out The Benefits!
– EXTREMELY high commissions – up to $350 CPA!

– High quality services approved by the BizProfits teamgrapp

– Transparent payment schemes

– Biweekly payouts

– 90-day cookie tracking

Join BizProfits CPA Network (if you haven’t already) and check out our new, high quality binary options CPA offers. In the meantime, we will keep adding other profitable CPA offers in various niches. Stay tuned to be the first to know when we add them to our CPA offer range!

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