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Happy New Year! We Will Be Waiting For You at Affiliate Summit West

Written by: Kate Almog Affiliate Marketing Events

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Dear affiliates and advertisers! BizProfits would like to wish you a Happy New Year on behalf of all members of our team. It’s been an eventful year – new offers have been added, new contacts made and new results achieved. Looking back, we can say that it was impossible to predict how well some of our plans would work out. Yet they have, bringing more convenience and profits to all our partners.

Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed it just as much. We’ve taken a lot of steps to make working with BizProfits more beneficial for you and promise to carry on in the year 2016.

For next year, we wish you amazing conversion rates and extra productive marketing, which, as we know, you are fully capable of.

To strike a balance for the year 2015, as well as to share useful knowledge and best practices, communicate with peers and simply have a good time, come meet us at Affiliate Summit West 2016 on 10-12 January in Las Vegas. We will be waiting for you in booth 4012.

To schedule a personal meeting, please email us at [email protected] or contact your affiliate manager. We will be extremely pleased to see you there.

May the New Year bring you excellent profits, skyrocketing conversions and successful implementation of your most daring plans!

Sincerely, BizProfits team.

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Kate Almog

Affiliate Manager


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