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Have You Optimized Your Affiliate Email Campaign For Mobile Users?

Written by: Kate Almog Promotion Tips


The reason we ask is because 75% of all who view emails on mobile devices will delete a non-optimized email without even reading it. Striking? You bet it is. For you as an affiliate marketer who is (hopefully) using email campaigns for effective promotion of our high-paying CPA offers, this means a huge loss of profit. We have already discussed in previous posts about mobile optimization and email campaigns in general. Now, it’s time to merge them into one and look at the ways to optimize your emails for smartphone users.  For a great source of email campaign data, take a look at Email Monks infographic concerning mobile user behavior.
mobile_optimized_emailWhen it comes to adjusting emails for different devices, what steps can you take to make them more mobile-friendly? Here is a short list of recommendations, some of which are of general nature and have been discussed in the abovementioned post on mobile optimization. Others are more specific and relate only to email campaigns.

1. As a mobile screen is obviously smaller than a desktop or a laptop screen, your primary goal is to make the text more visible. This is why, just like on your mobile landing page, you need more white space and fewer words. Yes – even less than you have in a regular email.

2. For the same reason, your main font should be at least 13-14 pixels, with even larger font for headlines.

3. ALWAYS arrange your text in a single column. It’s easier to read this way.

4. Be concise – a person viewing your letter on a mobile device is not likely to spend much time on it. That’s why you should pack your first paragraph with the most important information and keep the entire letter short and sweet.

5. Think about people’s (fat) thumbs! Leave enough white space around buttons and in between links. Even better – turn links into buttons. Remember we told you that 44 pixels was the right size for them? It still is.
iphone_inbox-36. Subject lines have to be 30 characters long – not more. Also, note that for Apple users, the ‘from’ line is more prominent than the subject line. So, you should probably take extra effort to make it work for better click-through rates.

7. Place important CTAs above the fold. People are still inclined to treat the top part of the page as more important.

8. Again, go easy on images – they lower the loading speed.

It bears repeating (and we won’t get tired of doing it!) that the only path to success is through continuous testing and improvement.

To get an idea of how a landing page should look on a mobile device, visit one of our CPA offer sites, such as our Pure Asian Garcinia Diet Offer or Anti-Aging Eye Serum CPA Offer. While these are not email pages, you can still get an idea of how much text you should take out and how much white space you have to add to attract a mobile user.
retina_displayApple devices with retina display are yet another concern for marketers. Their resolution is much higher than of regular screens, making it impossible for the human eye to identify individual pixels.

Although high-resolution displays are Apple’s thing now, most likely the technology will be adopted by other companies. The problem is regular images look blurry on retina display devices. This is why if most of your audience are Apple users (and most likely half of them are), you should think about retina optimization.  We will talk about it in one of our future posts, and you will be able to learn more about it by simply following our health and beauty affiliate blog. Stay tuned!


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