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How to Improve Lead Quality for Dating Offers

Written by: Kate Almog Promotion Tips

How to improve lead quality

The quality of leads is a recurring topic in affiliate marketing circles. Its importance can hardly be overestimated – usually, leads of better quality mean better payouts, better relationships with advertisers, and the very permission to promote certain offers. When the quality is in order, everyone benefits, including people that make up your traffic.
First, we need to define what “high-quality leads” mean.
It all starts when an advertiser decides how to run a certain offer. What kind of traffic do they accept? What devices? What audiences? What should users do to qualify as “quality leads”?
The lead itself is worthless, it is the odds of it turning into a paid customer that make it a solid investment. If no one upgraded to a paid membership, what is the point of having thousands of users visit the site?
Therefore, we can define a low quality lead as one that has zero or low chances of bringing profit due to its very nature, be it a bot or a freeloader (user looking for free stuff only).
In dating, it matters just as much or even more than in other verticals.


  • Refine your targeting. Know everything there is to know about your offer and accepted traffic, so that you can adjust targeting on your traffic source accordingly. That’s the information that your AM can provide you with.


  • Target better-paying demographics. Generally, users over 30 tend to have better purchasing power and be less savvy in finding freebies online. The creatives will have to be adjusted accordingly, with older-looking hero images and appropriate copy. Tips: major websites provide reports on kinds of content preferred by different age groups.


  • Speaking of copy. You know there is no better way to kill your lead quality than use the word “FREE” all over your creatives? Find a better way to promote exclusivity, e.g. promise a trial of premium access. Some recommend adding the images of major payment systems to creatives to exclude any ambiguity and add credibility.


  • Use subID’s to get information on what parts of your campaign were available for low quality leads and analyze them – is it the image, the copy, the placement?
    With major ad sources (ExoClick etc.) use premium websites over RON, it usually has a significant impact on lead quality.


  • Check the traffic source for bots. To do it, simply set your budget to the allowed minimum, run your camping until the budget runs out, and cut placements that received more than 60 impressions. There are other, more complex ways to identify bot traffic – we hope to deal it in one of our future posts.


  • Worth reiterating – creatives matter. Whether you are trying to filter out younger traffic or freeloaders, it’s all about getting the copy and the image right. And with high burnout ratios for banners in dating, you will be busy working on creatives most of the time. Is your copy too aggressive or too vague? Maybe you are using the good old chat-style banner? It does work for CTRs, but lead quality? Not so much.


  • For general dating websites, avoid placements associated with heavily niche traffic, as a more general platform will hardly cater to their needs appropriately.


  • Maintain good relationships with your affiliate manager. They are the ones with information on your performance and ways to improve it. So use it!



  • Ask for reasons. Some advertisers will be glad to tell you how you can improve.


  • Ask for specific information on leads that didn’t fulfill the quality standard and investigate where they came from.


  • Revisit your creatives. Did you submit them for approval like you were asked to? Did you use best practices while designing them?


  • If you are working with an advertiser directly, try finding more information about the funnel. Leads might be handled so carelessly that they have virtually no chances to convert.


  • After making changes to your campaign, send the first 100 leads and ask for a feedback on their quality. If it checks the box, you can proceed to send more. If not, keep changing.


  • Renegotiate payouts. Some advertisers are ready to accept leads of lower quality if they invest less in them. It might not deliver outstanding profits, but could protect you from being banned.


  • Think critically. If an advertiser refuses to provide any insight into quality and it doesn’t seem to improve with your effort, then they might be just too ambitious. It could be safer to switch to a similar offer with a campaign that you know is already working.


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