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How to Earn on COD Model

Written by: Kate Almog Promotion Tips

Cash on delivery (COD) is a type of transaction in which the customer makes payment for a good at the time of delivery.

COD offers could seem not impressive enough to get started immediately. No affiliate wants to wait for the commission until the delivery is completed, right? But the best thing in COD is that the fact of the transaction doesn’t really affect your payouts. Intrigued? Then go on reading.

Yes, for some of the traditional affiliate programs, an affiliate gets a commission after the customer receives the product. But it’s different with the BizProfits Network. You won’t worry about the credit card delays, holding period, shipping time, or wait for the return period to expire (which could extend the waiting period to 30 days or even more).

Conversion with COD offers occurs after the customer completes the purchase via phone. Just after that, the call center service makes a callback regarding the accomplished order. That’s it.

Why COD will boost your conversion rates

    • Cash Preference
      Some people (strongly depends on the country and age) simply prefer cash. Yes, they do have debit cards, but they are not quite accustomed to them.
    • Desire VS Reality
      At times, you get something different from what you have ordered. And if you have paid online, you’ll have to initiate refunds which takes time & efforts. But it will never happen while ordering on a cash-on-delivery basis.
    • No Fear Anymore
      Buyers don’t need to pay anything before the goods are delivered to them. COD model beats all the fears of being scammed.

COD offers are a great option for the Facebook, native, SEO and paid traffic, being extremely popular in the following countries: Brazil, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Malta, Myanmar, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Sierra Leone, Slovenia and Turkey. Here are some of highest-converting COD offers from our network:  Prostalgene CPL Offer, Herparen CPL Offer, AlcoStopex CPL Offer, BeezMAX CPL Offer, HemorrhoSTOP CPL Offer, BeezMAX CPL Offer.

Why promote COD offers?

The biggest benefit of COD offers is that you don’t need to wait an extended period of time for the leads to convert. Customers just need to fill a few lines on the website and answer a phone call. That’s all you need to get a commission.

After all, the only technique to succeed as an affiliate marketer is never stop experimenting. Keep changing, adapting and optimizing. And if you’re interested in doing all that with cash-on-delivery offers, join our network here.

Good luck!

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