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Instagram Shoutouts! Why This Affiliate Marketing Tactic Works To Promote Health & Diet CPA Offers

Written by: Kate Almog Marketing News, Promotion Tips


The highly popular mobile photo-sharing, video, and social networking app known as Instagram is a tool that marketers can no longer ignore. In December of 2014, it was reported that Instagram has over 300 million active users and counting.

Instagram users have the ability to share images and videos of things they like, that they find inspirational, funny, or beautiful. Many active users choose accounts they enjoy and follow them to get continual updates of their shared images in their feed.

One niche that is incredibly popular on Instagram is the health & beauty niche. Many accounts exist that focus on fitness, health, and weight loss with thousands of active followers interested in seeing the uploaded content. Some of these accounts post recipes they recommend or products they enjoy; many times leading the user to try the recipe or buy the product.


Due to the type of environment where users are actively searching for ideas, trends, pretty things, and products, the idea of an ‘Instagram Shoutout’ was born. A shoutout is when someone shares an image of another user’s image to show support for that person’s image or page and to give it further exposure. Many accounts will do this for a simple follow or image like, but some of the larger accounts with huge followings participate but for a price.

More and more affiliate marketers are finding that Instagram shoutouts are a great way to generate more sales of their health, beauty and

instagram_shoutoutdiet CPA offers.  A popular account about fitness and losing weight with thousands of followers would be a great platform for an enticing shoutout about a natural weight loss supplement that truly works like BizProfits’ Pure Asian Garcinia CPA offer. How about a shoutout of an injection-free anti-aging cream CPA offer on a popular lifestyle & beauty account? Many of these high profile accounts offer a lucrative opportunity for your offers to get fresh exposure.

Before contacting a potential account for a shoutout or getting set up with a service, start up your own account page and try generating some users organically. You must include the link to the prelander or offer in the top description of your account. This is the only clickable link on the account.

There are many shoutout services available that work with top Instagram accounts where your posts are able to be posted and shared with thousands of users in your niche. If you don’t have time to try to generate shoutouts on your own, a paid service through sites such as,, and may be the best course of action. These services can help you target just the right users.

If you prefer to organically generate your own shoutouts, you can actively search for relevant accounts with a strong user base that are open to giving shoutouts. Once you find an account that could be a great platform to promote your offer, you must check if the account is real or not.

Avoid The Following Accounts

fake_instagram_account-Avoid share for share and like for like accounts.

– Avoid profiles with no profile pictures, no posts despite their large following.

-Check their posts and view the comments. You can tell pretty easily if the comments are real or not.

– You want to work with accounts only with large followings but it is important to make sure the followers aren’t just bought.
direct_instagram_AOnce you start following a potential account you can work with, the next step is to contact the account holders directly. Many users do this through Kik, email, or what’s known as Instagram Direct. Instagram Direct is simply sending the user a direct private image/message. One the Instagram home feed, you will notice a small icon in the top right corner. Click this icon to access the Instagram Direct inbox, then follow the following steps to send a private message.

1. Choose a photo/video


2. Make sure the top of the screen is set to ‘Direct’ and not “Followers’


3. Select the users you want to send the message to. You can select more than one recipient at a time, but keep in mind everyone you send to can see your interaction with all recipients.

4. Once you send the image, a chat window appears with your image, and now you can leave a message for the user.


Some larger health and beauty accounts will be happy to promote your image, but for a price. This definitely will depend on the popularity of the account and how many shoutout requests they get on a regular basis. Prices can range from $5-100 per shoutout. Some accounts will promote your image for a day for a set price, others will charge you per hour for a set amount of time. It is important to discuss these details before getting started.

We currently have several affiliates who are generating a nice stream of orders for our weight loss CPA offers. On average we are seeing around 20 orders a day, a 100 per week. Now, this is just an average for only one CPA offer; so there is potential to generate even more orders especially when promoting multiple offers at the same time. Overall, Instagram shoutouts are a great tool to use in affiliate marketing, especially if you are inclined to promote via social media networks.

If you would like to get started promoting a health and beauty CPA offer via Instagram, begin by choosing from one of BizProfits’ most successful CPA offers.

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