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Join The Latest Affiliate Craze: Sports Nutrition & Bodybuilding Supplements

Written by: Kate Almog Promotion Tips

The potential in promoting sports nutrition and fitness supplements is almost unfathomable, if done full strength. There has been a steady, growing demand for bodybuilding and muscle building supplements; a demand that has Global Industry Analysts predicting that the market will reach over $6.17 billion by 2018. The continual growth of this niche is due primarily to the opening of new consumer markets, brand new effective formulas, and an increase in businesses that sell these types of products. This industry is no longer just relevant to athletes, but is catered to the average consumer. More men and women are incorporating fitness supplements into their lifestyles for both health and fitness purposes.

If you are not yet promoting bodybuilding and sports nutrition products, now is the type to grab your slice of the pie. As the market continues to blossom, more and more revolutionary products will hit shelves and will be available for affiliates to promote.

Here are some of the main reasons you should start promoting fitness supplements offers:

2-21Large potential target audience

As the health and fitness craze continues to sweep the globe, many men and women, aged 20+, are resorting to sports nutrition supplements to support their wellness and fitness goals.

A wide range of products and continual development
From muscle building & post-recovery to fat-burning formulas, the considerable range of products available in the sports nutrition niche is undeniable. Products that contain natural, herbal formulas are gaining in popularity. Whey, Creatine, and essential amino acids are some of the popular ingredients consumers look for when buying products in-store or online. Since trends change within the niche, it is important to be on top of the new ‘in-products’ and get in the lead when it comes to promoting the most sought after products.

More affiliate programs catering to this niche
As there are profits to be made with sports nutrition products, many affiliate programs are hopping on board, including us here at BizProfits. You will find a wealth of fitness offers to promote online, allowing you to pick and choose the most promising offers in-line with your marketing abilities.

Successful cross-sell and up-sale opportunities

3-4What goes better with a pre-workout fitness supplement? A post-workout fitness supplement! It pays to explain to your audience the potential benefits of combining multiple supplements into their regimen. Maximize workouts with this supplement and after, decrease recovery supplement with that supplement. There is a strong ability to make substantial income by promoting 2-step and 3-step orders and combos.

Repeat customers and sales
Most of the fitness CPA referrals you generate will earn you generally under $100 dollars per sale. The positive thing about this niche is despite the lower price per product, the chances a customer will return and buy other products or refill their original purchase are high. You will see re-occurring sales on a monthly basis performed by your previous referrals. Your overall paycheck will be more than worth it!


If you already have a fitness blog going or have a substantial, fitness-oriented consumer following, it would be a great opportunity to check out BizProfits’ ProMuscle Fit CPA offer in which you can earn up to $50 CPA per approved order. ProMuscle Fit is a specially formulated amino acid blend that provides athletes, weight-lifters, and gym-goers the ability to repair, build, and strengthen their muscles more effectively.

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