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Key Questions to Ask When Looking For the Right Affiliate Niche

Written by: Segev Keller Promotion Tips

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One of the first decisions you will have to make once you decide to get involved with affiliate marketing is – What kind of products/services should I promote? In order to get high ROI, every Internet marketer must choose the niche before starting the online journey.

A niche could be defined as a targeted group of people searching for answers to a specific problem or need, as well as products and services aimed to satisfy this said need.

How do you find a niche where your marketing activity will bring the best results? Common (yet a wee bit simplistic) advice is to go for something that you are interested in; a slightly better option is to look for fields where you have some kind of professional experience. We believe, however, that your choice must not be defined by personal attitude; but rather careful analysis of goals and available means – this is what will determine your path.

What kind of traffic you have or plan to have, whether you already have a website/blog/social media account to promote offers on, what your marketing background is – these are all very important factors that should be taken into account when choosing the niche. If, however, you take a step back and look at the picture as a whole, there are two general choices to make:

Evergreen or temporarily existing niches?


Long lasting niches are referred to as “evergreen”. Products and services in an evergreen niche maintain their popularity throughout the year. In short, it includes products or services people will always want, no matter the season.

The health market consistently ranked as the most demand-stable and showed a growing increase in net sales over the last few years ($300 billion a year in sales as of 2015). It is the second-largest retail category in the US after groceries. Based on the experience of our affiliates, the most sustainable demand within the health and beauty market is associated with the following niches: weight loss, anti-aging, muscle building, tooth whitening and male enhancement products.

Making money online is another everlasting giant with an array of niches. Binary options, debt relief, payday and personal loans enjoy sustainable demand heated by a natural human attraction to find financial prosperity and stability.

Although digging into an evergreen market is no doubt a reasonable thing to do, short-lived offers and niches are associated with plenty of opportunities as well. Take Halloween costumes – while most purchases are made in a few weeks before the holiday, the demand is overwhelming, and you have about 10 months of preparation to meet it fully armed. Niches with an expiration date attached let you convert rapid demand spikes throughout the year.

High paying or easily promoted niches?


Don’t get it wrong – these two are not mutually exclusive, but you will still have to concentrate efforts on either quality or quantity. That is, getting a $400 commission on a binary options offer (a rather high-paying niche) will require a specific kind of effort, since a customer has to invest money to trigger the payout. It means you will have to build a path filled with social proof and other means to heat up interest and persuade customers to part with hard-earned funds.

Sweepstakes, on the other hand, usually do not require a user to make any deposit; it is enough to fill in a form and take a short survey (or take another simple action). It literally costs nothing in terms of both money and effort to participate, which is a natural conversion booster. Such offers convert profoundly and pay per lead, which pressures down the commission rate.

Since our goal is to satisfy every taste, BizProfits has offers of all types. Whether you decide to start with easily converting niches such as sweepstakes or plunge head first into more difficult ones like binary options, we will be there to consult, help and support. Do not hesitate to contact your account manager to get full information on the offers and niches you are interested in.

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