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Let SEO Take Your Affiliate Blog to The VIP Web Locations

Written by: Kate Almog Promotion Tips


Starting a new blog or trying to enter the affiliate marketing world? Well, it’s important that you invest the proper amount of time, energy, and the right tools to make your blog, site, or landing page stand out from the crowd. One of the most important tools you must pay heed to is that of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

If it’s too daunting for you to tackle on your own, it is wise to consider additional outside assistance or even outsource the work. If you are prepared to do this on your own, here are some easy to follow tips to help you get started.

Keywords keywords keywords
Your first step is to do some in-depth research on which keywords are relevant for your target audience. The next step is determining which keywords will best promote your site in search engines. It’s important to always keep your most strategic keywords in mind when developing new content. Be realistic with your keywords. If you cannot rank for a particular word or phrase, try to rank for a similar word that is slightly less popular, but just as relevant to your content.

Content around keywords
Content is key when it comes to bolstering your site or blog. Create relevant and engaging content that incorporates the keywords you hope to rank for, while offering a visitor an interesting and useful piece of content to read. Do not stuff your content with keywords as this can actually work against you. Google will penalize you for it, and that’s the last thing you want when you are trying to grow!

pyramidPlay smartly with internal links
It is important to structure your site with a ‘spider web’ of links that link the internal pages of your site in a strategic manger.  You do not want several of your pages to not be included in this web of links and are skipped by search engine crawlers. Make sure when you link a page to another, that it is relevant. The linked page should offer the reader additional information on the same topic or a topic that goes hand in hand with what your page is about. This makes the link much more relevant, clickable, and SEO friendly.

Unique, relevant domain name
When choosing a domain name for your site or blog, try to include a keyword and make it as related to your niche as possible. Don’t overdo the keywords though, as you don’t want your domain to appear spammy. In addition, limit the times you change your domain name as this can directly and negatively affect the time and effort you put into SEO and site ranking.

Increase backlinks
Besides getting a higher ranking from search engines, it is ideal to work on developing backlinks from other high trafficked, relevant sites. This creates a level of organic discussion and mention of your blog or site, ultimately improving your site’s reputation and relevancy. There is nothing better than getting positive reviews linking to your site organically. It is important to monitor your backlinks and keep an eye for any irrelevant or negative backlinks that could harm your site reputation.

Link social pages to blog posts

socialSocial media profiles can be a big traffic booster for your blog or site.  When you post relevant content or images that include a link to your blog, you not only create an easy gateway to your content, this gives readers the opportunity to share your content. Sharing creates an organic way to reach more readers and generate more visits to your content.

Optimize your images
Make sure to include alt text, tags, or descriptions with your images. Use keywords that are relevant to the image and to the article or page as a whole; search engines can then better determine what your images are pertaining to, boosting your SEO ranking. In addition, pay attention to your anchor text; if you include a clickable link, make sure the text shown is relevant and keyword focused.

Go for the gold (or in this case 1st page on Google)
When striving to get on the first page of Google, you need to think of a strategy in terms of keywords. Which keywords is it doable for and how much quality content do you produce that is relevant to these keywords? It’s important to stay consistent when developing new content; don’t spam your readers with tons of keyword heavy content only once in a great moon.


By taking into consideration the following SEO tips, you will have a stronger plan to improve your site or blog ranking and ultimately make it easier for traffic to find your quality content. If you are an affiliate looking for new CPA trial offers to promote, check out our new offers here.



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