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Looking For A Promising Affiliate Marketing Niche?

Written by: Kate Almog Promotion Tips


Are you a soon to be affiliate marketer looking for the most profitable niche to promote? Then this post is for you! Today, we are looking into how to choose a niche that will bring you more cash and will require less effort. After all, it is a smart move to take stock of what is in store for you before plunging head first into a new endeavor, right?

Now, you have to understand that choosing the best affiliate marketing niche is a strictly individual process. The results will depend on what marketing tools you are planning to use, how much time you are ready to sacrifice, and a few other factors. However, there are three major characteristics that you should consider before choosing an offer (that is, if you haven’t yet set your sights on promoting one of our highly profitable weight loss or skin CPA offers and are still considering your options).

How popular is the niche you have in mind?

growing_trendIn other words, how willing are people to spend money on products included in this particular category? You can draw this information from various sources. One of the ways is to define the main keywords for certain product ranges or ingredients within the niche, and see how many monthly searches they yield.

Another option is to use Google Trends; it will show you whether a certain niche is ‘evergreen’ or whether its popularity is on the decline.  For instance, a search for ‘forskolin’ will show you that the trend has had its ups and downs but still has enjoyed steady growth for the last decade, which makes our Forskolin CPA offer a sure deal. If we go a bit more general and search for ‘natural weight loss’, the tool will still show an upward trend in in the weight loss niche.

Another way to check profitability is to see if any PPC ads pop up when you type in the query. If other marketers are not ready to invest in a certain affiliate niche, why should you?

competitionHow competitive is it?
Let’s be realistic – affiliate marketing is extremely popular nowadays and so are the most profitable niches (excepting the ones on the verge of being discovered). Popularity means competition. We are not saying that you won’t be able to compete; what we are saying is that it will take more effort from you and strong resources.

Use your main keyword(s) and take a look at the SERP page. What are the first ten results? Are they only popular brands? Or are there a few more humble representatives among them – like blogs and personal websites? In the first case you will face much stronger competition than in the second. The same rule applies for domain names: if the first 10 results are all top domain names, you will have harder time promoting this niche rather than when they include individual pages.

For example, a search of ‘weight loss products’ will show a few giants like Amway and Herbalife, but also a few medium players, which makes the weight loss niche, as well as our slimming CPA offers, a good opportunity for promotion.

Another way to evaluate the strength of your competitors is to run a backlink check on them.

Now, don’t get it wrong – competition is good. It proves that the market is healthy. It also provides plenty of opportunities to adopt the best practices and learn from the mistakes of others. However, there needs to be a limit for everything. If the competition is too strong for beauty products in general, you could narrow your promotional efforts down and go with affiliate offers for skin products, for example.

Does it offer a good range of products?
It’s tough when a certain product doesn’t meet your expectations, but sadly, it happens. You should choose a niche with a wide range of offerings, so that if you decide to switch free trial CPA offers, you won’t have to start from scratch.


Ready to give it a shot?
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