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Massive Results: Health & Weight Loss Affiliate Programs

Written by: Kate Almog Promotion Tips

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One of the most popular, ever-growing markets that works hand in hand with affiliate marketing is that of health and weight loss products.  According to Marketdata reports, over $60.5 billion dollars have been spent in this market in just the US alone. Health issues and obesity continue to rise, leading to more and more individuals looking for a quick fix to their issues; frequently through the comfort of the internet.

Profit from a billion dollar industry
Weight loss supplements make up a large portion of this billion dollar industry, leading companies to consistently strive to develop new and effective weight loss products. Now, not every weight loss supplement is created equal. Many consumers fear the idea of taking a medication to lose weight, thus many pharmaceutical companies are taking it upon themselves to develop natural, herbal-based products using a variety of herbs clinically proven to help burn fat, raise the metabolism, boost energy levels, and suppress the appetite.

What’s great for affiliate marketers involved in this niche is the variety of offers there are to promote. Not only do consumers search for diet products on a daily basis, many affiliate programs such as ours, offer affiliates the ability to promote weight loss products as a free trial. All you have to do is convince a consumer to order the free trial of a popular weight loss product and boom, you’re in business! It doesn’t stop there. Most programs allow you to make commissions on any subsequent orders returning customers make, possibly even on customers who subscribe to receive a refill on a monthly basis. Talk about an easy way to boost your earnings!

Don’t spread your efforts thin
When you are ready to start promoting, it is a good idea to focus on just a few products only. If you spread your marketing efforts thin by promoting tons of products, you will find your earnings will suffer. By promoting just a few products, you are better able to hone in on your target audience and offer them the ‘cream of the weight-loss crop’.  On another note: who is more believable, someone who’s promoting one, two or even three weight loss products? Or someone promoting 100s? Of course the one promoting less seems more trustworthy as they have the opportunity to discuss the products in depth and also can offer their own personal opinions. You just can’t do that with so many products. Also it simply looks like you are just trying to make a buck, not recommending a revolutionary weight loss product to someone who may be interested.

As a leader in health and weight loss products, the BizProfits Affiliate Network offers some of the most sought after weight loss products affiliates are looking to promote.

ForskolinFit Pro

3_-forskolinfitpro_300x200Forskolin is a best-selling and leading, natural compound that initiates weight loss while contributing to muscle growth. This a popular product for both male and female audiences. You can earn up to $45 CPA per every approved free trial order.

Pure Asian Garcinia

4_pure-asian-garcinia_300x200If you’ve never heard of Garcinia Cambogia, then you must be living under a rock. Garcinia is one of the hottest weight loss products out there, and it continues to be our affiliates’ number one best seller. By promoting this product as a free trial you can earn up to $45 CPA per approved order.

BioActive Raspberry Ketones

5_-bioactiveraspberry_300x200Another incredibly popular weight loss supplement is raspberry ketone, a natural compound found in berries. This miracle in a bottle diet formula has been mentioned numerous times on the Dr. Oz show and has been backed my many content men and women worldwide. You can promote this popular weight loss supplement as a free trial and earn $45 CPA per approved order.

Pure Colon Detox

6_pure-colon-detox_300x200Our master cleanse is a top seller and acts as a great cross-sell for the weight loss products mentioned above. Weight loss supplements are enhanced when paired with an effective cleansing solution. Promote Pure Colon Detox as a free trial and earn up to $45 per order. If looking to cross-sell this product with one of our weight loss products mentioned, you can earn an additional $35 per approved order.

If you are interested to see more of the free trial offers BizProfits has to offer, visit our offers page. To sign up and begin promoting one of our best-selling weight loss offers, click here.

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