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Meet The New AlphaManPro – Manlier than Ever!

Written by: Kate Almog New CPA Offers & Verticals


If you happen to be in search of an evergreen market niche, male enhancement supplements are definitely one. Alas, ecology problems, stress and other external (and internal) factors make the stronger part of humanity resort to artificial means to boost health and restore confidence on quite a regular basis. With this in mind, a big part of our publishers have already embarked on promoting these products and have found the conversions to be quite competitive.

One of our in-house supplements, AlphaManPro, has undergone a major makeover in the following areas:



The label and the bottle look completely different now, since they have been reevaluated and redesigned. Naturally, the changes do not apply to the degree of effectiveness of the supplement, but rather only its appearance. We believe it better emphasizes the professional image desired for this male enhancement product.



Naturally, rebranding could not happen without an overhaul of the product landing page, which we did based on research and evaluation of needs and suggestions of our partner publishers. It is no longer a multi-tab website, but a fashionable looking, multi-section page – pretty much like our other product sites. Experience proves that removing the need to traverse multiple pages improves bounce rates and patches holes in the conversion funnel. Higher quality of imagery and optimized content go without saying.


ProMuscle Fit

If a customer wants to get more attention from women, why not embrace a complex approach? With the second step order featuring the muscle product ProMuscle Fit, they will be able to match their newly acquired bed abilities with a toned and muscular body. We recommend promoting these two products as a combo to achieve better marketing results. Earn $42 CPA for each approved order of both AlphaMan Pro and its up-sell!

Having paused the offer for a while to allow the changes to happen, the AlphaManPro offer is already available in the corresponding section. Do we believe that the renovation will improve the conversion rate? You bet we do. A lot of thought and effort has been invested to achieve this result, which is pretty much a guarantee of its success. Don’t just take our word for it though! Sign up to promote this offer now, and you will be able to try out its new converting power on your traffic and marketing channels.

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