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New CurvyBust Website: Redesigned and Upgraded!

Written by: Kate Almog New CPA Offers & Verticals


Are you promoting our Breast Enhancement CPA Offer? Then we have amazing news for you! As the popularity of this offer has been constantly growing, we’ve taken some measures to keep up with the demand and make it even more profitable and beneficial for our affiliates. More specifically:


We boosted the attractiveness of the CurvyBust website by providing it with a new, eye-catching design. Aesthetics is important, especially for a female customer audience. That’s why we’ve developed a new style that enhances user experience and retains customers’ attention. Marketing materials have been upgraded in line with the new design to better serve promotion purposes. See how nice and elegant it looks!


The website content has been optimized and upgraded to minimize the bounce rate and make sure that customers go through to the end of the sales funnel.



To make it even better, you can now offer your audience a powerful beauty combo – CurvyBust breast enhancement cream AND Pure Asian Garcinia weight loss solution as a cross-sell. This powerful combo of two in-demand products is just what you need to better satisfy your customers’ needs. As customers won’t have to leave the CurvyBust website to order Pure Asian Garcinia, it will increase the probability of the double purchase.


Feeling that affiliates should make even more on promoting our CPA offers, we’ve increased the amount of commission offered for CurvyBust promotion. From now on, you will be able to get up to $45 for every approved free trial of CurvyBust breast cream and up to $35 for Garcinia cross-sell.

With all of the above-mentioned changes, new horizons of profitability have been opened for affiliates marketing our Breast Enhancement CPA Offer. Have you been thinking of promoting it but wasn’t sure it would work for you? There are no more reasons to hesitate – it’s easily the best time to try!

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