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New Spanish Garcinia Cambogia Website and Other Goodies for Our Affiliates!

Written by: Kate Almog New CPA Offers & Verticals

spanish2As you already know, the UK-based Pure Asian Garcinia website is up and running and already making money. This was a good start for a long localization journey and now, we’re going to do the same with other products and languages. This way, our affiliates will be able to target their international audiences much more effectively.

The newest introduction is a Pure Asian Garcinia site geared to Spanish speaking audiences! To some extent, this is an even a bigger achievement than the UK site. Now, your Spanish speaking customers will be able to get every bit of information about Garcinia Cambogia, its effects and benefits.

No more misunderstandings and lost profits because customers can’t understand and/or don’t trust English websites. Make them feel at home and seal the leaks in your sales funnel with this new, localized resource. Visit the new website now.
spanishHowever, this is not all the news we have! A Garcinia site geared to German speakers is on the way, too, and will be launched it in just a few days. What can be more lucrative for successful promotional activity than a variety of customized and localized marketing tools?  Probably nothing, and that’s why we will keep working to deliver more of them to our affiliates.

The range of products offered for promotion is also a very important factor and an attribute of a reliable company. If you are already making good money with some of our existing offers, you will be glad to find out that new ones are being prepared just as you read this! We’d like to make a surprise for you, so we won’t announce which products are on the way just yet. What we will say is that they’re all high quality and offer high commissions; just like the offers you are already promoting.

In the meantime, our existing CPA offers are topping record popularity levels and are helping affiliates make more money on a daily basis. Pure Asian Garcinia and BioActive Raspberry Ketones are two of the most popular ones. You can find the entire list of hot-sellers on the Best-Selling Offers page.

Join this high-paying network today and discover all the amazing benefits of affiliate marketing. Thousands are making money on it already – do not miss your chance!

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