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What Are Pin Submits and How to Promote Them

Written by: Kate Almog Promotion Tips

How to promote pin submits

Among all the verticals that are still (or becoming) hot in 2017, pin submits are notable for their diversity and low-maintenance. You might not earn thousands, but it’s rather easy to get your campaigns in the green at the very first try.

Yet, let’s start from the very beginning.

What are pin submits (also “mobile content” or “carrier billing” offers)?

Pin submits are essentially mobile offers of various kinds where users are billed directly by their mobile carriers (money is charged off the mobile phone balance). The type of services offered through pin submits range from WhatsApp emoticons to adult videos, horoscopes, football scores, antivirus and other content. Users can subscribe to get weekly content or have a one-time delivery.

Billing and conversion flows

Besides content types, pin submits vary by their billing and conversion flows (not unlike DOI and SOI per lead offers).

1. MSISDN (mobile phone number) 1-click or 2-click flow (also called direct billing)

This is the most conversion-friendly flow as users don’t have to take any excessive actions. The carrier identifies their mobile phone numbers automatically. It means that only a single click on the offer page is necessary to get subscribed.

Since it’s a rather common occurrence that users click accidentally, the 2-click flow is gradually replacing 1 click. The regulations in this area are becoming stricter, too, especially in Tier 1 countries.

The 2-click flow is pretty much what it sounds like – two clicks are required for the transaction to happen. It can be either another form on the offer page or a link in the text message. Naturally, the 2-click flow is associated with lower conversion rates.

Advantages: higher conversion rates associated with fewer actions on the user’s side.

Disadvantages: only carrier mobile traffic, which can be scarce on even the largest ad networks.

2. SMS flow

In this scenario, users need to either send an SMS reply to the specified number or insert a confirmation code they will receive via text message. The first scenario is abbreviated to MO (mobile origination – as the message is originated on the user’s side), while the second is referred to as MT (the message is terminated, i.e. received by the user). MT has higher conversion rates than MO as users don’t need to spend anything on sending a text message.

Advantages: compliance with regulations, ability to convert Wi-Fi traffic, too.

Disadvantages: lower conversion rates than with the MSISDN flow (especially 1-click)

What traffic to promote pin submits on?

Carrier billing offers run best on pop and mobile display traffic. Other sources can be used, too, provided there is carrier targeting available.

Pop traffic sources:

Mobile display traffic sources:

Things to consider:

You need traffic sources that allow not only Wi-Fi-versus-carrier, but also precise carrier targeting, as advertisers make agreements with specific carriers only, and will not be able to bill those who use another operator.

Usually carrier traffic is scarce, which means you should use a few sources at once to get decent volumes.

You can run non-adult pin submit offers on adult traffic (and it works!) but you’ll have to check if the advertiser accepts it. Since some ad networks supply mostly adult traffic (ExoClick), you should be extra careful when using them.

To improve conversion rates with the SMS flow, use the scarcity angle (“Confirm your phone number within an hour to get access”) or the exclusivity angle (“Now available only for users in [your geo]”)

Offer and pre-sell pages considerations:

Pin submits are one of the few verticals that can work without prelanders. However, it is advisable to use them as it will likely improve conversions, especially with more cumbersome flows. All the usual angles work here.

One of the common issues with pin submits is the inability to see the actual offer pages when signing up (you’d need a sim card provided by a certain carrier in a certain geo). Moreover, advertisers sometimes change their offer pages without notifying networks (yes, guys, we don’t know it, too!).

There are a few ways to get to the offer page:

GeoEdge – an ad verification service with multiple carriers available
Proxypony – a mobile carrier Internet proxy solution
Fiverr – a place where you can find users with the required carriers in the required geos and ask them for screenshots

The bigger part of pin submits we have are listed here:

To get access to even more pin submits and our recommendations on the most converting ones, sign up here:

That’s it for today. Stay tuned!

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