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Postback Urls 101: How To Track Affiliate Conversions for CPA Offers

Written by: Kate Almog Promotion Tips

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Being a successful affiliate marketer means having everything under control – customers, click-through rates and conversions. And the more offers you are promoting, the more important this becomes.  Postback URL tracking is a mechanism that allows you to do just that. More specifically, it is a web-service that is integrated into a network’s chosen backoffice platform. In the case of BizProfits health and beauty CPA network, postback url tracking is integrated and available through HasOffers. You can find more detailed information about the types of conversion tracking and other features of the system at HasOffers’ support page. Below, we will provide a quick snapshot of the postback tracking technology and the ways to configure the appropriate settings in HasOffers when promoting our lucrative lifestyle and beauty CPA offers.

So, what is a Postback URL and how does it work?
Conversion is obviously the most significant metric for affiliates and advertisers, as it triggers payout. How do you track the cases when a customer not only clicked on your affiliate link but also proceeded to the conversion stage?

Postback tracking is one of the most accurate methods of tracking offer conversions. Also referred to as “server-side tracking”, Postback tracking works by generating a session transaction ID, which is a unique series of numbers and letters associated with each click. This transaction ID is then passed to the URL of the landing page, where the advertiser will take the value and store it on their end. When a relevant conversion occurs on the confirmation page and needs to be logged, the transaction ID is passed back to the postback URL, which then ‘fires’ the stored value back to it, creating a successful conversion.

Now, you might want to get more details about the conversion event besides the fact itself. This is why you can modify your postback URL by adding different parameters called Affiliate Sub IDs. These are variables appended to the URL, which may include a sub-affiliate id, offer name, SKU number of the product sold or the date of conversion, etc. You can add up to five Sub IDs to your postback URL in HasOffers, each up to 500 characters long. These are added to your URL in the form of macros such as {offer_id}, {aff_sub } etc. The system also enables you to add a sale amount parameter. In cases when payout depends on the amount spent by a user on the corresponding offer, this parameter is added automatically.

How to implement postback URL tracking for BizProfits trial CPA offers?
Use the following steps to create postback URLs in HasOffers and properly receive notification of approved sales for our CPA offers.

1. Log into the system and choose the offer that you want to create a postback URL for.


2. Once you click on the offer, you will be forwarded to the page with your unique tracking link.


3. This is the stage where you can modify your tracking link by adding different unique parameters to it. To do so, click on ‘Add Sub IDs’. It is a very convenient option for those who want to track traffic sources, e.g. social networks, blogs, websites, etc. When you are done ‘loading’ the link with additional parameters, you will see the ‘link successfully updated’ message in the right upper corner.


4. Once the link is updated, you will need to implement it in your own system to create the postback. 5. Once the postback url is created, the next step is to add it the full link to the HasOffers backoffice.  To do so, click on Add New Pixel/Postback button.


6. In the drop-down menu, set the type to ‘Postback URL’, paste the link and click on ‘Create’.


7. The process will be over when you receive confirmation. Until then, the status of your postback URL will remain ‘pending’.


You will need to create a separate postback url for any upsell offers you are looking to promote as well. The process is exactly the same, but when you arrive to the drop down menu after clicking to add a new pixel/postback button, you must choose ‘goal pixel’ from the menu in order for it to properly track your second step orders and upsells.

All in all, HasOffers provides utmost transparency in tracking conversions when using it to promote our free trial CPA offers, making sure that no conversions escape your attention.

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