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Powerful Affiliate Landing Page Tips - Boost Conversions and Triple Your Profits

Written by: Kate Almog Promotion Tips


Creating landing pages is one of the most popular techniques in affiliate marketing, as it helps to increase traffic and to better target customers. However, just like any other marketing tool, it can be applied with a certain degree of success. To help those who promote our CPA offers to develop higher converting landing pages; we’ve gathered a few recommendations that could increase conversion rates to previously unknown highs.

Maintain consistency and stay focused
If your customer clicks on an ad that promises a free trial offer, make sure that your headline matches the promise and the CTA matches the headline. It is very important to retain your customers’ trust.

Although it is a great temptation to fill your landing page with all the text and images you can possibly find, it’s much wiser to choose only those that will work for your product and not to overload the page and ultimately the viewer. Make sure all the elements fit the purpose and the concept of your landing page.

Do not talk about the characteristics of your product, better focus on its benefits and try to answer the dreaded ‘What’s in it for me?’ question. Use ‘you’ and ‘your’ a lot to emphasize that you seek to satisfy your customers’ needs, rather than your own.


Keep it simple
The text of your landing page should be concise and simple, with clear headlines and a visible call to action. Proofread and edit your text ruthlessly, as the smallest typo will undermine trust.

Make sure that you ask your customers only for the information you actually need, as every extra question increases the risk of bouncing. Keep the main elements, such as the form and the order button, above the fold.

Provide support for your offer and credibility

dm_secured_200x300_5_18_15Words are wind, as the Game of Thrones has taught us, so the promises you make on your landing page should be supported through all possible means. It is good practice to add testimonials, especially videos, as they can boost conversions up to 80%.

Guarantees also work to provide your customers with the feeling of security, just as much as security seals, certificates and co-branding do. In general, your landing page has to radiate trust.

Use contrasting design
Despite all possible variations, black font on a white background has proven to be the easiest to read and thus, the most effective for a converting website. However, it doesn’t mean that all other design elements can’t be colorful and bright. Always make your buttons stand out, as well as provide visual cues for the CTA.


The use of images is a good technique to make your landing page more digestible, if applied moderately. Also, do not feel tempted to fill all the white space available on the page – it will actually be beneficial by drawing attention to headlines, bullet lists and ultimately, CTAs.

The best way to find out what techniques increase conversion of a particular landing page is to try them out. Do not be afraid to experiment, change images and the wording of your offers. However, do not forget to track and compare the results obtained, so that you can develop a bullet proof landing page strategy.

Use these simple rules to take your affiliate marketing campaigns to an entirely new level of profitability. Follow our blog to get more affiliate marketing tips and advice.

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