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Quick Tip For Affiliates: Use The Power Of Testimonials To Build Trust And Multiply Profits

Written by: Kate Almog Promotion Tips


Testimonials are no doubt one of the most effective techniques used in affiliate marketing. The power of a friendly recommendation can do miracles, and you can use this power to achieve your own goals. Testimonials, if used properly, will boost conversions and attract new clients, while making sure that previous customers are not going anywhere.

At the same time, the appropriate use of testimonials is a rare thing to find on the web. Let’s face it: reviews shouting with delight, look phony and are mostly fake. As a skilled and smart affiliate, you should go for genuine and unedited feedback from your customers that will take your marketing campaign to an entirely new level of quality.

Like any other technique, testimonials should be approached with caution and limits. Customer feedback must be carefully analyzed and sorted to choose only the most relevant and effective content. Here is what we can recommend to you in this regard:

proper_testimonialsLook for specifics
‘You guys are awesome! I liked your product so much!!! Great job!’  is flattering, but will hardly help you in sales.

‘Your product helped me lose 10.5 pounds in two weeks’  is much better, as it gives your potential customers a better idea of what to expect.

Use the ones that compare your product to others
‘Having tried four weight loss supplements in eight months, this one was the first to actually help me get slimmer. ’

Do not edit the original wording of your customers
Excessive grooming will make your testimonials look fake. People often put words in weird places – no need to change that unless it complicates understanding.

Include names, ages, locations and other background information if appropriate
A testimonial signed ‘Alice, 29, New York, web designer’ looks more convincing than the one signed ‘Customer No.167’ or with no signature at all.

Include photos
Smiling people, and especially women, were proven to increase conversions. While you can’t guarantee that all your customers will be smiling for camera, photos will still make them more ‘real’ for potential clientele. Check the examples here.

testimonial example

Choose relevant feedback only
Even a good testimonial will not work if it does not correspond to your product image. Are you focusing on the weight loss features? Then don’t post testimonials about a nice smell and a pretty bottle. You can’t afford to waste your customers’ attention on secondary product properties.

Use the ones customers can relate to
If you are selling a rejuvenating cream, don’t post a testimonial from a 25 year old. The majority of your target audience is probably represented by women between 35 and 60, who will trust people of the same age and sex.

Indicate time and update regularly
General website updates should include testimonials just as much as they include product descriptions and current prices. Fresh testimonials will show that you receive a flow of positive feedback on a regular basis.

Use not perfect ones, too!
An avalanche of excitement in testimonials will trigger skepticism and raise doubts. If your customers told you how they had difficulties using your product but managed to overcome them, be sure to publish their comments. They will add credibility and prevent any difficulties your other customers might have in future.

Place them strategically
You have probably put a few testimonials on your home page. It’s not enough! You can go as far as printing them on your marketing materials and even visit cards! At least, create a devoted testimonial page on your website, where customers will learn what others have to say and leave their own feedback.

So, what can you take from this? Testimonials are one of the cheapest and the most effective marketing tools in your arsenal. Follow these simple rules and watch your clientele grow. Neglect their importance, and you might end up with no conversions at all. Yes, it’s that important.

Naturally, the easiest way to get positive feedback from your customers is to promote high quality products. Find the ones to bring you the highest commissions on our website.

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