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3 Reasons to Love your Pixel

Written by: Kate Almog Promotion Tips

If there is one piece of advice I can give you, it is to make use of the pixels you have at your disposal. Imagine building a house with all the right stuff; bricks, great foundation, and planning, but leaving out the cement. It’s only a matter of time before it comes apart at the seams. You account pixel is the cement that will hold your campaign together and allow you to find that successful recipe and even more important, to be able to scale it.

One of the biggest differences between the top performers and the bottom performers in the online marketing game is knowing how to get the most out of your tracking pixel in a way that turns your efforts into successes.

Here are 3 reasons why properly implementing your pixel is crucial to turning any campaign into a success.

Know which ad is converting

So you’re getting conversions, hallelujah. You followed the steps, aged your account, duplicated your ads, let them find their sweet spot and one or more of them is starting to deliver a healthy dose of converted traffic, that is resulting in revenue. How do you know which of them is responsible for the conversions and traffic? Imagine fishing for tuna with 5 boats all using the same tactics, and one of them is actually catching something, but you have no way of knowing which one. It’s a waste of time and resources.

Know which of your ads is sitting in the sweet spot, set up your pixel.

Let the algorithm do its thing

Let’s just be direct about this. The algorithm that Facebook has spent millions and millions of dollars to develop and perfect, is better at understanding data than you are. Nothing personal, but machines have a way of doing that. So, don’t fight it, rather let your pixel track your progress and let it help you to help yourself. As your ads convert and gain clicks, the pixel will feed information back to the system that will tell it how to get the most out of your ads for you.

For this reason, I have seen a lot of benefit in using lifetime budgets rather than daily spend. It simply gives the algorithm the time and space it needs to optimise spending itself and make sure that you getting the best results you can.

Create lookalike audiences based on behavior

An incredibly powerful part of using the pixel is the ability to create lookalike audiences that are based on the time and learning that your pixel has fed the system. Lookalike audiences are invaluable as you know that they convert and how they behave on your site. This means that next time, you won’t have to spend the hours and budget trying to research and create a new audience, instead, base your next campaigns on the results that you have achieved and the data collected using your pixel.

This data is often closely guarded by account owners and for good reason. This trick will save you time and if you use it right, will help you to scale campaigns faster and with better success. These audiences can also be used to find broader audiences online that match your existing audiences in various amounts.

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