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Skin Care Trends as Defined by the Number of Google Searches

Written by: Kate Almog Marketing News, Promotion Tips


Do you know what the latest trend in skin care is? Guess!

Olive oil? Nope. Aloe Vera? Nope. Natural ingredients? Still no.

The newest skin fad is… vegan stuff. Yes, being vegan is now not only about what you eat, but what you store in little jars on your bathroom shelf, too.

Guys at Think with Google looked into what skin enthusiasts were obsessing about these years. The method they used was incredibly simple and yet genius – identifying trends through the frequency of search queries used in the U.S., France and Japan. That’s how they found that vegan skin care was on the rise in the U.S. and that the French, on the other hand, were interested in anti-cellulitis solutions.

This research benefits affiliate marketers directly as the popularity of products is an important criteria in selecting high-converting affiliate offers.

We took liberty to summarize Google’s findings for the U.S. market (the biggest one), adding short explanations for those who are not that well-versed in the skin niche range.


After evaluating the data gathered, Google has identified the following patterns in skin trends:

Sustained Risers – products that have been gaining popularity over time and thus are a safe bet to promote. The opposite is Sustained Decliners – trends that still get some traction but won’t stay around for long.

Seasonal Risers – products that peak in popularity at certain times of the year, drop down, and then return even stronger. These are relatively safe bets, but promoting them requires attention to seasonal changes. The opposite is Seasonal Decliners, which is self-explanatory.

Rising Stars – trends that have just appeared and shoot right for the stars. These are A MUST for skin care marketers (up until they turn into Falling Stars – trends that are losing their fan group very fast).


The following skin care trends are becoming more popular in the U.S. based on the volume of searches:




If you (like me) feel somewhat lost in skin masks and treatments, here are the explanations:

Epsom salt bath

Easily found in drugstores and food stores,  epsom salt, when combined with hot water, is supposed to help treat muscle pains and sprains, bruises, swelling, and other conditions.

Dead Sea mud mask

Mixed from the minerals found in the waters of the Dead Sea, this mask helps cleanse pores, decrease scars and sebum production, and fight acne. Generally, Dead Sea cosmetics are a strong general trend that’s not going anywhere soon. As you know, we have a Dead Sea line represented here at BizProfits. You can find relevant offers here and here.

Apple cider vinegar mask

Another DIY solution, apple cider vinegar bath can help regulate the skin’s PH level, provide nourishment, cure skin conditions, add shine to your hair, help urinary infections, reduce body odor and bring multiple other benefits.

Korean skin care

This is a rather big category of solutions supposedly from Korean producers. People are talking about 5, 10, 15-step Korean skin care regimens that include cleansing, moisturizing, exfoliating, and other steps.

Bentonite clay mask

A clay-based mask that cleanses, detoxifies, shrinks pores, treats acne, evens out the skin tone, and prevents the appearance of blackheads. Bentonite clay is formed from natural volcanic ash and was first discovered in Fort Benton, Wyoming.

Turmeric mask

Turmeric is a ginger-like plant that’s been used by tribes for its anti-inflammation properties. Chopped and mixed with water, it treats acne, wrinkles, scars, and dark circles.

Vegan body wash

Virtually any body cleansing product made with cruelty-free practices in mind.

Bath bombs

Bath bombs are mixtures of dry ingredients that effervesce when wet. Used to add essential oils, scents, bubbles, and color to bathwater. Bath bombs with rings are an amazing combination of skin care and romance – these contain wedding (or regular) rings inside that pop out when the bath bomb is dissolved.

Organic castor oil

Extracted from the seeds of the Ricinus communis plants, castor oil is said to have numerous skin benefits e.g. mosturize and help treat acne, warts, and skin tags.

Charcoal mask

Another DIY solution used to extract blackheads from the facial skin. Charcoal masks are mostly peel-off (another frequent search), i.e. they are spread on the face, left to do their magic for 10 to 20 minutes, and then peeled off the face like a sticker. A lot of brands have started producing charcoal-based solutions, too, meeting the “charcoal for skin” search.

Sheet mask

Literally a sheet of fabrics soaked in a skin care product that you can apply to your face as a ready-made mask.

24K Gold Mask (or 24 Karat Gold Mask in full)

Gold is becoming more and more popular as a skin care product and is told to have numerous benefits. Starting from gold-based facials and up to bottle-packed serums and creams, customers can choose whatever it is that works for them (Spoiler: we are getting these offers soon!)


The following trends are heading south, so if you aren’t already promoting them, there’s hardly a reason to start.



Besides country-specific trends, some proved to be common for all three markets.

Trend 1: Masks

Masks seem to be seen as the primary treatment for acne, blackheads, oily and dry skin. The most popular are charcoal and clay solutions. A trend worth mentioning is masks as a happening – YouTubers gather their families and use all kinds of masks on camera.

Trend 2: Ingredients

Some searches are focused on ingredients rather than specific products. Ingredients that are trending across all three markets are: clay, aloe vera, charcoal, gold, cocoa butter, baking soda, apple cider vinegar, tea tree oil, bentonite clay, micellar, essential oils, mud, argan oil, turmeric, egg, rose hip oil, and bubble clay.

Other trends to watch include skin care devices, DIY recipes, products for bathing and products for men.

This is pretty much it. We hope it will help you focus your efforts on something that has a bigger potential of bringing in profit. As always – don’t hesitate to ask your affiliate manager for support and advice.

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