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Techniques of Affiliate Marketing: Prelanders Could Double Your Affiliate Sales

Written by: Kate Almog Promotion Tips


Looking to boost your affiliate sales but need the right tools to do so? Prelanders may be just what you need. You now are probably asking, what is a ‘prelander’? A prelander is technically a one page landing page that appears as if it’s a full blown site. The potential customer lands on this page before heading to the main product site to make a purchase or to sign up. A prelander convinces the customer they want or need a particular product before being directed to the actual site to make a purchase. Many consumers wish to read about the product before opting to order it. Basically, this is a great way to ‘pre-sell’ the product to a customer, so when they hit the main page it is more likely they will take action.

UPDATE: There is a guide on making and setting up prelanders yourself in our recent blog post here.


For BizProfits’ health and beauty products, we find many of our affiliates using prelanders experience great conversion results. The most successful prelanding pages appear as if they are full blown, beauty oriented sites. The page’s text follows the trials of several individuals as they explain their experience and ultimately, their results with the product. The strategic use of before and after images are a must as they directly contribute to converting readers.

One of our best converting prelanders is actually promoting two  health and beauty trial offers at once as a 2-step process. Many customers, who order the first product, end up ordering the second product as well. We have found the best features to include in a prelander are strong before and after images, a video concerning the main ingredient, Facebook comments at the bottom, and several fake linked ads listed on the side. Many affiliates choose to name celebrities and other well-known individuals to bolster the prelander’s likability and effectiveness. Take a look at a couple shots from one our top-converting prelanders:


You must now be wondering is a prelander the right tool for your traffic?
Well, as every knows, nothing ventured, nothing gained. It is your best bet to try one out on your traffic and see how it fairs. This could be a good opportunity to learn more about your traffic. You can get a better idea of where your consumers are clicking through, thus allowing you to better target your audience in the future. In addition, BizProfits’ best-selling CPA offers will be exceptionally easy to work with when determining if this is the best marketing tactic for you.

We do find prelanders convert the best via mobile. Many customers click an ad or link from their phone and view the prelander from their smart device. Many affiliates see good conversions from their mobile pop under traffic. This is why it is very important that all prelanders are responsive to accommodate traffic from mobile, tablet, and desktop.

Affiliate marketers who use PPC ads and popups will find prelanders are a great strategy for them. As the prelanders convert more, financially, your campaigns will end up being more worthwhile. What’s great about the prelander is it can be linked from a variety of different sources such as textual links, banners, and especially from your SEO focused blog.
BizProfits offers its affiliates several strong pre-landers, but we encourage affiliates to create their own as they will be better targeted to their audience and can incorporate a variety of strong tactics from multiple prelanding sources.

To start incorporating a prelander into your marketing strategy, refer to the following simple steps:
1. Create a one page prelander based on your research of what works
2. Choose a domain to host the prelander (BizProfits affiliates are required to host their own)
3. Set up the prelander with your unique affiliate link
4. Make sure the prelander is properly directed to our product sites
5. Watch the commissions roll in!

Mastering the art of affiliate marketing takes time, patience, and the right marketing tools. Prelanders may be just the unique tool that converts more of your traffic into approved sales. To sign up with BizProfits and have access to our strong marketing tools, click here. If you are already an active affiliate of ours and would like to learn more about creating a prelander, contact your affiliate manager.

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