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The Inception of The Affiliate Marketing Era and What’s in it for You

Written by: Kate Almog Promotion Tips

affiliate_200_200_04_30_15Back in 1989, a man named William J. Tobin came up with and patented the first affiliate marketing program for his company called PC Flowers & Gifts. Amazon was smart and quick to follow and in 1996 launched its Associates Program that drew public attention and gave boost to the concept itself. After its first official implementation over twenty-five years ago, affiliate marketing went through multiple evolutionary and adjustment stages to better serve one’s needs. Its main principle, however, has remained unchanged: affiliates get paid for particular actions taken by the customers they refer to the merchant.

To be completely honest, affiliate programs existed long before the Web gave rise to e-commerce. People referred friends to hairdressers and butchers, who in return received various sorts of gratitude for doing so and had no idea about the bright future of this practice. Finally, in 2000, US Federal Trade Commission published special guidelines for the field and thus recognized it on state and legislation levels.

Why Did Affiliate Marketing Programs Gain Popularity?
 The secret behind the success of affiliate marketing is that it hits the target for both affiliates and merchants. In other words, it was (and is) a win-win situation with little risk involved. Affiliates get a chance to earn commissions for successful marketing endeavors, while merchants dip into their pockets only when certain results are achieved.
affiliate_500_500_04_30_15_v2 To be more specific, those who join affiliate programs get:

1. Fair payouts with transparent reward schemes (e.g. check out the handsome commissions BizProfits pays for our best-selling CPA offers here)

2.  Sets of specialized marketing materials to use for promotion. Although not a MUST, many programs, including us, offer a wide range or resources  to help affiliates achieve better sale results

3. Freedom to choose how much time to invest in promotional activities and thus, what kind of profits to expect

Choose The One You Like Best!
Affiliate marketing has conquered multiple spheres already. Health and beauty, forex, online gambling, online dating – almost every industry has something to offer to you as a potential affiliate. Some products are easier to promote than others (it’s not by chance that we focus on health and beauty items) and some programs offer more benefits than others (have you noticed that our affiliates only have to convince customers to get a free sample rather than make them buy it outright?) Therefore, you can always choose a program that meets your needs best, and if after careful consideration you settle on one of ours best-selling offers, we will be thrilled to start working with you.

While you ponder this, check out BizProfits newest offers to start promoting.

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