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The Most Powerful, Natural Ingredients That Make Our Exclusive Breast Enhancement CPA Offer A Sure Win

Written by: Kate Almog New CPA Offers & Verticals


To tell you the truth, our CurvyBust breast enhancement CPA offer is beating all possible expectations in terms of popularity. We believe there are two reasons for this: first, every woman has a natural desire to look attractive and large breasts are usually the first thing associated with women’s beauty; secondly, the CurvyBust breast enlargement offer is a real kaleidoscope of natural and extremely potent ingredients. If you come to think of it, a rare supplement like CurvyBust doesn’t focus on a single herb but offers a powerful mix of them. If you still have doubts about whether this product will be a worthy promotional opportunity, take a quick look at what ingredients it contains and what benefits they can offer.


damiana_breast_enhancementAlso known as:
Turnera diffusa, Turnera aphrodisiaca, Mexican holly, mizib-coc, herba de la pastora, old woman’s broom.

Nature and origin: A small scrub with fragrant yellow flowers, which smells of chamomile and tastes like a fig fruit.  Native to Central and North America regions, as well as Mexico. The most potent part of the plant is its leaves, often used for breast enhancement purposes.

Breast enhancement mechanism: Having a high concentration of phyto-estrogen, Damiana extract stimulates the growth of estrogen-sensitive tissue, which in turn contributes to the development of mammary glands.

Potent ingredients: alpha and beta-panine,  thymol, arbutin, luteolin, apigenin 7, glucoside, damianin and beta sitosterol (according to Physicians’ Desk Reference for Herbal Medicines by Thomson Healthcare)

Additional benefits: The plant has been used for centuries to reduce stress and fight anxiety and even mild depression. As it can stimulate the intestinal tract and increase the flow of hemoglobin and oxygen to genitals, it works as an aphrodisiac and enhances libido. Moreover, Damiana can boost energy levels and help with painful menstruation and some menopause symptoms.

According to a study conducted by the University of Mississippi, Damiana extract can reduce the risks of cancer.

Precautions: Although not backed-up by clinical research, Damiana is not recommended for pregnant and breast-feeding women.

Blessed Thistle

blessed_thistle_breast_enhancementAlso known as:
Cnicus, holy thistle or spotted thistle.

Nature and origin: A branchy scrub of reddish color, about 2 feet tall.  Native to Asia, Europe, Canada, Australia and prairie regions of the US.

Breast enhancement mechanism: Blessed Thistle is often prescribed to breast-feeding mothers in order to increase the production of breast milk. For non-pregnant women, it triggers the build-up of mass in the breasts area without any milk production.

Potent ingredients: B-complex, calcium, cincin, tannins, sesquiterpone lactone, iron, alkaloids, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iodine, manganese, and essential oils.

Additional benefits: Local tribes have long considered Blessed Thistle a panacea for all kinds of illnesses. Indeed, it offers an array of health benefits besides breast enlargement. It can be used as an appetite-stimulating, illness-preventing agent, as well as a cure for fever. Blessed Thistle purifies and improves circulation of blood, enhances memory and helps fight off inflammation caused by indigestion.

Precautions: Not recommended to those allergic to Blessed Thistle itself or similar plants such as Ragweed, Bitterweed, or Bloodweed.

Kava Kava

kava_breast_enhancementAlso known as:
Piper methysticum.

Nature and origin: a pepper plant native to the western Pacific.

Breast enhancement mechanism: Kava Kava triggers production of prolactin – a hormone responsible for breast growth. Its significant breast enlargement effect was proven by a clinical study conducted by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists: 39 out of 59 participants experienced breast growth.

Additional benefits: Kava Kava not only offers breast-enhancement, but also psychological effects. Its potent roots, crushed and mixed with water, are known to have a sedative effect and work as a muscle relaxant. The plant is also used for mood-improvement purposes. Clinical studies suggest that Kava Kava can be beneficial for one’s health as it suppresses physiological reactions to stress.

Precautions: None.

Complemented with other ingredients such as Safflower Oil, CuryBust offers a complex and natural approach to breast enhancement, as well as provides a chance to improve one’s mental and physical health. If you feel that this supplement is something your customers might want, we encourage you to join our affiliate beauty network right now and receive high-converting marketing materials to go with this in-demand, top-notch product to promote. Surgery-free ways to get bigger breasts are the hottest topic now – why not benefit from it?

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