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The Reasons You Should Start Promoting Binary Options Offers

Written by: Kate Almog Marketing News, Promotion Tips

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You may have noticed that lately, BizProfits has been adding many financial CPA offers, specifically in the binary options vertical. This is mainly because this vertical seems to be working extremely well for our publishers. The well-calibrated mix of commission rates, customer attraction power and high converting potential make them a universal tool for turning traffic into money. If you are considering binary options for promotion but aren’t sure about this vertical just yet, this post will provide you with the necessary fundamentals to help make up your mind.

What are binary options?

Binary options are a relatively new trading method, which is actively overtaking Forex due to its simplicity and wide availability. To trade them, a user does not need any financial knowledge or trading experience whatsoever. The trading is based on price predictions – that is, if a trader has predicted the movement correctly, he receives the predefined payment; if not, only the amount of the initial bet is lost. Bets can be placed for as little as 60 seconds and on all kinds of assets such as commodities, shares, currency pairs or indices. It’s similar to placing a bet, but without the horrifying, high financial risk.

Different types of options – for any taste and budget

Those who have traded or promoted binary options, often associate them with the simple “Call and Put” scheme, where all a trader has to do is bet the money on the upward or downward price movement. These are the actual “binary” options (the name is based on their dual nature), yet there is a much bigger diversity. Besides binary, users can trade:

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Pairs: This trading method relies on the span between the quotes for two assets, i. e. one can trade one asset against another. A great thing is that the trader doesn’t really care how much the prices will grow or fall; it is only the ratio that matters. A promising trading method for those who can predict which assets will perform better than others in a certain period.


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60 Seconds: Generally speaking, this trading method is the same as binary options, except of the expiration time. Best for the traders who can make quick decisions and want to make as many trades as possible within a certain period of time. No extra financial risks involved.


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One Touch: In One Touch trading, a user has to set a certain barrier for the price of the asset to reach. Once it has been reached, the profit of the trader is guaranteed regardless of the following price movements.


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Ladder: Those who want to make predictions that are more complicated can use Ladder trading method. A user sets a few price levels and cashes in every time the price hits one of them (moves up the ‘ladder’). Perfect for those who have already mastered easier methods.


Why promote binary options?

In general, the attractiveness of the binary options vertical for performance marketers boils down to this: it is a niche with extremely high commission rates (we are talking hundreds of dollars) and CPA offers that attract a vast customer audience. If this isn’t reason enough for you, take the following into account:


Binary options can be marketed effectively using a variety of promotional tools. PPV marketing for email list building and subsequent direct mailing, pop-unders and pop-overs, broker review sites and native advertising are the ones that work best, but you are surely not limited to them.


The abovementioned commission rates are paid under the first time deposit scheme – that is, you don’t need your referred customers to win, but only to make the initial deposit.


The main attraction of binary options for customers is their simplicity and safety, not to mention the ability to trade shares of world giants without buying them. The trader has full control over the amount at stake and does not require financial expertise. For those customers that are still hesitant as to whether they will be able to make any profit, the vertical provides offers of the “learning” nature. Some of them are so-called “social trading” opportunities where inexperienced traders can automatically repeat bets of professionals. Others offer strictly educational material such as trading webinars, etc. Hence, you can engage a bigger part of your traffic, including those that are not ready to start trading just as yet.


There is still uncertainty as to whether binary options should be considered gambling (as they are now) or financial trading. While legislation changes are still being discussed and drafted, it reflects the dual nature of binary options offers. This, you can use this vertical to convert gambling as well as forex traffic.

Currently, BizProfits has around 30+ binary options CPA offers including localized options in Arabic, Spanish and other commonly spoken languages. We add new ones on a regular basis. Compared to other networks and brokers who work with this industry; BizProfits offers some of the highest commission rates in the industry and guaranteed timely payouts.

Do not hesitate to contact your affiliate manager to get detailed information about a particular offer or to sign up. We strongly recommend you to try out this niche – if you are dead serious about making money on performance marketing, that is.

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