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Think Bigger, Become A Super Affiliate!

Written by: Kate Almog Promotion Tips


Joining an affiliate program is very profitable if done right, but only a few can make enough cash to give up their other sources of income. Those who’ve learned the secrets of the trade and have applied them successfully are called super affiliates.

There is no magic here; anyone can become a super affiliate with a certain amount of effort and knowledge. Here are a few tips that will get you on the right track.

Choose a niche and focus on it
Do not scatter your efforts trying to sell products from a dozen different niches. Staying focused is essential. Quality and quantity rarely mix up well, not to mention that super affiliates should know the ins and outs of their market segments.
productsAs it’s physically impossible to be an expert in multiple areas at once, it’s wiser to prioritize and choose the ones promising the highest ROI. It will also give you a chance to cross-sell more effectively. For instance, you could concentrate on the weight loss niche and sell Pure Colon Detox and Forskolin products, which complement each other perfectly.

Promote benefits, not products
Yes, we’ve already talked about it, and we can’t stress it enough: choose the products that will benefit your customers. If a product doesn’t offer a solution to a problem, why would anyone want it?

bookDevelop a strategy
Your marketing efforts will only make sense if they complement each other. That’s why you need a marketing strategy. The product image you’re pursuing should remain consistent through all marketing channels and deliver a strong value proposition.

Do some networking
By being active on other blogs, you will attract people to your own resources and potentially increase the clientele. It will also entail gratitude from fellow bloggers and marketers who will provide links to your website or blog.

Use all kinds of marketing materials

Social-media-KeyboardIn most programs, affiliates are provided with basic marketing tools, but using only them is not enough. Brainstorm what other channels and tools you could use for marketing purposes. In this case, quantity doesn’t impair quality. The more areas you cover (social networks, website, email marketing), the higher conversion rate you will get.

Experiment and keep up with changes
The needs and wants of your customers are changing on daily basis, and Google’s requirements might alter overnight.  In other words, affiliate marketing is a very volatile environment; things change and so must you. Do not be afraid to experiment with what marketing materials you use and how you use them. Also, don’t forget to do some split testing and see what works best for your target audience and products.

Give it some time!
Don’t get desperate if your promotional efforts bring no commissions at first. You need time to adjust, to understand the mechanics of affiliate marketing and most of all, to get to know your products. Success will come with time and effort. We promise you, it will.



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